The Nation Under Kiir Mayardit is Only a Joke!

By: Gatkuoth Gatjiek

December 17, 2014 (SSNA) — Having ruled South sudan since 2005 after the painful demise of SPLM founder Dr John Garang Kiir appeared more dictator after hour an hour. kiir"s leadership projected by a terrible junk bone that breathes tribalism like while fire. He badly surround himself with die-heart elites he refer to as comrades during the struggle, most of whom advisers, ministers and Generals who fought hard during the sudanese civil war. Suppose, having fought the war and seen what it takes certainly one would have a firm driving formula to deal with it rather than to make it a taboo and renege on positive things to do with the national concerns.

Those mouthpieces around kiir could tell nothing rather than to conspire against Riek machar and the Nuer, the former vice president who stood firm during the CPA implementation process, he was a bridge between the NCP in the North and the SPLM in the South. Machar should be accredited to a lot of scores that without him would all have beee in vain and remain reminiscence of history. He had to deal with Post referendum issue, Abyei protocol, general elections process and beyond. Among others was the LRA issue, one of the stricken cases to be attended to and Machar unequivocally did that without mincing words. Now Western Equatoria is secure and safe out of LRA. No appreciation at all and instead the old folks resort to traditional politics which is divisive and much depends on the past so that the like minds of tribalism could gather as "birds of the same feathers fly together". Today the nation is swimming in an ocean of blood due to political struggle which he kiir planned as a ploy to get rid of his rivals and to promote his longer rule.

It was an in-joke when he surprised the world by having him dissolve the whole of his cabinet and thrown all of his former colleagues in to a bin. No doubt that an inkling of some kind was a head. Kiir plays like never been a liberator. The liberty, prosperity and freedom remains only on the SPLM logo. Sometime later on the true inky days took shape, gun shoots could be heard from all over the city. kiir created a fake coup which even a child would never get convinced. The whole world never bought the idea carried out as a song by foregin minister Dr Marial Benjamin, no body bought it except disgrace and embarrassments thereafter.

A coup which is often known being led by generals in the army end up in South Sudan led by civilians and politicians lying on their beds.

South Sudan under kiir mayardit is only a joke! A new country in the world that would have been properly managed economically, politically, culturally and religiously ends up being rowed by an intruder. Americans like the term Alqaeda so much, they fail to see the Alqaeda of South Sudan. No wonders that world run only after an interest as it’s the case with Uganda that interferes in the internal affairs of the nation and no one condemns. Could it be colonization in disguise or a forceful occupation as it was the case of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and the like by the UPDF?

If kiir will continue with playing games as he is currently doing, a penalty Kick will be given and a goal will be scored. UPDF is not a blockage to opposition but instead increases the appetite for kiir’s defeat if an option is open for military victory in the battle field. No one is accredited to play with the nation as others watch by, thousands of the innocent souls lost will never be recovered neither kiir will benefit out of their disappearance but instead shakes his chair that he want to rule for years. He is in fact shoots himself in the head not on foot as wrote by Dr Adwok Nyaba. If there might be a chance to get back the souls lost, kiir would run barefooted to make sure that the innocent souls are back and that all is readjusted in place like never happened because he is regretting his decisions which he miscalculated politically and mathematically incorrectly.

Succinctly, South Sudanese masses are sick with kiir’s skills of leadership, they are neither what they mean for independence South Sudan nor what they mean for their votes, and they need a change. Therefore, kiir must go, no one needs him as he sits in the palace, he is an intruder an AlQaeda who cheats and capitalizes on the suffering of the nation’s future, young men are fighting his war. Dividing them on tribal bases to ensure his political tribalism and hold on to power. The corruption, killing, massacres and raping which replaces the SPLM logo are now kiir’s achievements. Therefore, the nation is shying away from Salva kiir and demands a final throe to his shameful rule.

The masses will be in jubilation and give a joyous welcome to kiir’s exit after all transpired should there be any move involves his quit of power be it force, peace or his free will.

The author is a Vice chairman and information Secretary for SPLM/A-Kuala Lumpur Chapter. Views expressed here are his personal views and not necessarily represents the views of the Chapter in Kuala_Lumpur. He can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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