Greater Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA responses to Sudan Tribune article titled, “Tensions flare between Jonglei state and GPAA”

Press release

United States, December 19, 2014 (SSNA) — Our message to Sudan Tribune web-site, please stop misleading public on your web-site. We talk about article that was posted on your web-site. The incident there was only between Dinka Bor of Bor County & Murle tribe Greater Pibor Administration Area. Please check the same report on Gurtong website, here is the link of the incident: The article is titled:

“Bor County officials ask for return of stolen cattle.

In a bid to foster good relationship between the Murle and dinka bor tribes, the Commissioner of Bor county Mamer Ruuk/Kuur is urging both tribes to return all stolen cattle to their rightful owners.

16 December 2014 Bor County officials ask for return of stolen cattle." Folks that incident has nothing to do with Ajuong Payam of Twic East County or Dinka Twi people. Because there was no cattle stolen from Ajuong Payam of Twic East County, Jonglei State by Murle tribe or Greater Pibor Administration Area people. Your web-site report is propaganda from our neighbor of Bor County or Greater Bor. Please click report link below from Gurtong web-site above concerning this issue. This incident happen only in Bor County of Dinka Bor and not in Twic East County or Dinka Twi people land. This is your web-site reporting the same incident, the article link is: The article title, “Home | News    Thursday 18 December 2014, Tensions flare between Jonglei state and GPAA”.

According to our reliable source, the Dinka Bor or Bor County politicians have decided to creates another problem within the area in pretexts to alienated Murle tribe. This idea was originated from Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth, Mr. Kuol Manyang, Mr. Malaak Awien, Mr. Malual Ayom, Mr. Jok Riak, Mr. Maker Thiong and other politicians from Bor County. The idea is to control Murle tribe or Greater Pibor Administration Area and their resources.

This conspiracy theory to us as Eastern Twic Dinka or Twic East County people; is very clear and we think you might see clear you too our neighbor. The Dinka Bor of Michael Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang, and the rests of their intellectuals; their mission is to control your area of Murle tribe.

This time, it is up to you Murle people, but for us as Eastern Twic Dinka community about our land; we would see what we would do to neighbor bad attitudes. In contrast to you gusy, we have our own solution to our neighbor when it comes to our ancestor’s name and our Greater Twic East area land they are now trying to annexed from our Eastern Twic Dinka people land. You guys probably don’t know your neighbor behaviors but we truly know our neighbor bad behavior of envy of other people belongings, jealousy, envy, greedy, trouble making, etc. We are not going to narrate this people history to you people of Murle tribe because you people might know at the time they started first stealing from you, and selling of their children to you, Murle . The Greater Pibor Administration Area is yours to protect it from aggressors. As we have already told you above our neighbor, our encounter solution to theirs could emerge any time. The bottom-line is, Murle tribe; Eastern Twi Dinka or Twic East County people have nothing to do with this propaganda.

Concerning some of our intellectuals who have been using Greater Bor or Dinka Bor names of Bor County people solely, please you better not attempts to sells our people name and Greater Twic East Area based on any personal reason and not history reason. Plus don’t ever ignore the majority voices of Eastern Twi Dinka who are not interested in selling theirs name of Twi/Twic and landmass area. Just information to you those individuals. We know you one by one.

Furthermore, our neighbor, you better not attempts to annexed both of our people name and our Greater Twic East landmass area through faults claim. This is not longer a food thing, money or wrong leadership you guys have acquired in both Jonglei State and South Sudan’s government. We the Eastern Twi Dinka people historical don’t fight over those stuffs like food. But things like our name Twi/Twic and our land are worthy fighting for; that’s means these two essential things are worth Eastern Twic Dinka people to sacrifice through any means if you people don’t stop. Again, you guys better stop your invasion mind-set when it comes this new era of 21th century. This is not money or food you have found in President Kiir Mayardit leadership and or weapons your intellectuals have stolen too to armed you. All these things are nothing if you don’t have truth and good strategy in your side our neighbor. The leadership you guys have destroyed through your greedy, jealousy against others, selfish, you better fix it.

If you guys are not weak, why you guys allow Uganda military or Greater Bhar el Ghazal Dinka region people come and protect your motherland? We know you people for your propaganda war using your mouth words. In regards to your propaganda that you have a big population is now obviously it was a scam schemed by your politicians looting the public resources under the name of fake population. The claim was a ghost delusional population to loots Jonglei communities’ resources, Greater Upper Nile Region and South Sudanese resources for your selfish or greedy. In addition too, who doesn’t know your contract with some politicians from Kongor Payam of Twic East County to destroyed Eastern Twi Dinka community. Your reducing of Eastern Twi Dinka population and fake increase of your Dinka Bor and Kongor Clan of Twic East County to have big population within Eastern Twi Dinka than other Clans, is apparently known our neighbor. Furthermore, to proves our weakness claims toward you our neighbor, please check out this video clip from Youtube, the link is here: where one of your sons is talking there in background concerning Mundri song the dancers are singing; please pay attentions to your own son, Dinka Bor when it comes to his explanations of that song meaning.

You Dinka Bor people are isolated, no matter whatever you people been trying to do against Eastern Twic Dinka people as a smear campaigns in regards to other Dinka communities, and or other communities of South Sudan. Nothing will stick. Because everybody across the country if not around the world have now know our communities differences and bad of all, your bad orthodox attitudes been known to everyone across our new nation. From now on, we the Eastern Twi Dinka are not longer to be part of any of your messes you the Dinka Bor always causes. Right now, you guys are not being trusted by anybody, just shares your dying horse mistakes against Jonglei State communities and South Sudanese communities and at the end of the day you would suffer if you don’t change. However, we don’t think your bad nature would ever change.

Your community is better to stop mixing our communities because everybody knows who the Eastern Twi Dinka is (Twic East County, Jonglei State), and who Dinka Bor is (Bor County, Jonglei State) with their geographical areas apart. Please we don’t want you to be ashamed later on by millions of people who have already know the differences between Eastern Twic Dinka and Dinka Bor people.

Neighbor, we have uncovered your (Dinka Bor) dirty works against Eastern Twi Dinka people especially; the contract you guys have forged with some intellectuals from Kongor Payam of Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan to destroyed Eastern Twi Dinka community. These are some intellectuals from Kongor Clan or Payam of ours Twic East County, and not general public from Kongor support this idea. However, we have discovered that there are fews or relatives to those politicians who are supporting this idea of disowning Eastern Twi Dinka name and their Greater Twic East land (Checks those maps differences). These fews politicians were rewarded with high positions in Jonglei State government and South Sudan’s government. Thus, our neighbor we have identified your secret behind this is just to control South Sudan’s government important positions and allow some intellectuals from Kongor Payam to control Jonglei State essential positions in exchange of them to destroy Eastern Twi Dinka people identity and land . The old say, “if you plan evil things against humble or innocent people; God will allow your dirty works to returns to you."We now know you Mr. Kuol Manyang and Mr. Diing Akol plus others from Bor County at the time when you two were working together in Jonglei State government. It was all about destroying Eastern Twi Dinka people through not allow UN peace keeping forces to be in our Greater Twic East area so that they will come and protects our disarmed civilians. Refusing of South Sudan military base there was also done intentionally against Twi people by you two. Furthermore, Gadiang was done intentionally by you, Mr. Kuol Manyang and the rests of Bor County by not moving the Headquarters there. Please compared those maps we have included in this article.

Mr. Kuol Manyang & Mr. Diing Akol when both of you were still in the same government of Jonglei State, it was always agenda to destroyed Eastern Twic Dinka people. We also know that Mr. Diing Akol is there to lead Jonglei State government through your partnership with you Kuol Manyang Juuk, and that is why Mr. Diing Akol still holding the same position right now. Please don’t be fool when it comes to Mr. Diing Akol title changes recently change after Mr. Kong Nyuon becomes an Acting governor of Jonglei State. Mr. Akol used to be the Head of local government and now he becomes a Local government Advisor to Mr. Kong Nyuon. Haaaaa!!!!!! This title for him was a set-up by Mr. Kuol so that Mr. Diing Akol would be able to runs Jonglei State government affairs when he himself Mr. Kuol Manyang absence to runs Jonglei State government. We know you are still the governor of State. And when he/Kuol is absence from his duty of Jonglei State, his left hand man Mr. Diing Akol was there to do his dirty work in Jonglei State against other communities in State. The current Acting governor is just there for nothing. Because Mr. Kuol and the rests of his group are still running the State.

Dinka Bor idea is against Eastern Twi Dinka is concentrated on few points below, ladies and gentlemen:

1. Not allow any military base in Greater Twic East Area intentionally

2. Not allow UN Peace Keeping force to be deployed in Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Areas.

3. It was the same strategy being applied by Mr. Kuol Manyang and Bor County politicians to not allow Gadiang to be built as Jonglei State’s Headquarters to shorten far distance Counties of State. This idea was based on their greedy of resources and jealousy against other communities of Jonglei State.

4. They are fearing too if Jonglei State Headquarters is moved; they will suffer through many enemies they have created over the areas. For example, this year of 2014, they were chased away by Mundri and other Central Equartoria State communities due to their trouble making. The same thing too did happen to them too this year of 2014 between them (Dinka Bor of Bor County) and Dinka Aliau of Lake State. We can go on and on, with their bad records when it comes to their neighbors. Meanwhile, our community of Eastern Twi Dinka have no any problems with our neighbors we can track or apparently we can recall right now. Except the Eastern Dinka Twic East conflict with Nuer tribes 1990s. The conflict that was fought among communities as political motivated conflict. That time, our people have to protects their motherland from aggressors. Which from 1991 to 1997, these communities have massacred many people until their conflict was stopped by God through heavy rain that did kill many Nuers in place called “Padaat” near south of Panyagor Town, the Headquarters of Twic East County. Also the conflict was motivated due to our own son, the Founder of our new nation of South Sudan, Dr. John Garang e Mabior been the leader of SPLM/A. Other sub-tribes of Dinkas in Greater Upper Nile region were devastated too, especially the hero home areas of George Athor Deng and Greater Duk communities. Greater Bor area of Bor County was just over ran within one day period in first attacks. Some of their citizens even prove this claim against our neighbor. They provoked conflict first most of the time and after that they become just mouthing-fighters and not in reality. We know our neighbor very well. “Fourthly, we know the value of national reconciliation and we have done it before! Rebel leader Riek Machar Teny even after massacring over five thousand in Jonglei and Upper Nile states in 1991…” Link:

Why there is East in Jonglei Dinka Twi of Jonglei State, the reason is due our cousin Dinka of Warrap State. It is our cousin in Warrap State (Twic West or Twi/Twic).

Right now our neighbor, we are watching your next moves, For example, current Bor Civil Hospital it was changed to “Bor State Hospital” before people complaining . Also Malek School of Theology was renamed by you people as “Bor Academic” and then changed back to Malek School of Theology after people have protested against the moves.

Our message to Eastern Twi Dinka citizens

1. We don’t want you to go to Murle tribe or Greater Pibor Administration Area based on that propaganda period from our neighbor. They do this because they have Uganda military base in their area plus Greater Bhar el Ghazal Dinkas’ troops in their area too. So they have place to run when things are become against them by Murle tribe. This accusation against Murle tribe was recently planned by Bor County’s politicians to control Murle tribe area. Especially, the recently SPLM/A party meeting in Mading Ngeth Ngok (Currently Bortown). Was double head ideas and not just to replace SPLM/A members absentees or dead ones. There is no doubt, they were there to installed their idea of controlling Jonglei State as whole. Either the other Dinkas of Jonglei Areas, Jonglei State government resources or neighbors’ land annexation or contempt. Also this idea was set-up purposely to destroy Murle tribe through lies that Murle tribe have stolen 17 heads of cattle. What we know here too is for them (Bor County) people to go and loots Murle tribe cows because they (Dinka Bor) are not happy about over 400 cows who were given to Murle tribe when governor Kuol Manyang still a governor of State.

2. We need you, Eastern Twi Dinka citizens to have these things at your arsenals as self defense and survival when it comes to this juncture of our country on going problem:

(a) Particularly, to you Eastern Twi Dinka Youths. We need you to go to our motherland of Greater Twic East Area. Because at the moment Mading Ngeth Ngok is not longer a safe place for you our people. Right now it only might be safe to those they have marginalized from Eastern Twi Dinka in exchanges of positions and money to destroyed Twic East people. Not that only our people, we believe you our people know the history of recent years in Mading mistreatment of our people there and other communities as well: first, it was the stolen of our cows by Dinka Bor individuals, after our people have discovered their cows in Bor County, the report was made to former Jonglei State governor, Mr. Kuol Manyang who hails from County of Bor. After report to him, Mr. Kuol didn’t do anything to those people who used to claims that, “those cows were just roam around.” What? Roam around cows, and why don’t you guys given back those cows to their owners. To us those roaming cows, we think they should have been returned back to their owners however this saying has it own name in our Dinka language. Second, in Mading there were two incidents did happen in 2012 when Bor Youths attacked Twic East Youths office in Mading; looting computers there. The same year was the time Bor County former Commissioner destroying Eastern Twi Dinka stores in Mading without any compensations to the victims. Everybody Mading Town is Lawyer, they scam people over land allocations and other bad behaviors too. And of course, the miseries deaths of our people while they were sleeping. These people were known by families or relatives they were having any sickness goes back to the day of their last lives on earth.

(b) Things you guys need when you decided to go to our motherland, please always walk in groups wherever you are roaming within our Greater Twic East Community area (the reason is to have witness if something should happen to one of your brothers and sisters), have your mosquito nets, fishing nets, match stick in abundance, toong, biith, fishing hooks, salts, cooking utilities, some clothes, kake yam, guiekke kadkuun like rier like tuor xon athel ci Garang Eastern Twi Dinka beh. Every time be vigilant and report any suspicious against you or any of your people etc to sub-chief or Head chief. Please don’t touch any innocent person or people who have nothing to do with your life threatening. Stay in our Greater Twic East Area, and if somebody trying to do bad our Greater Twic East area, and absolutely have shown some signs of threats individual or groups. It is Almighty God rights to protect yourself from aggressor or aggressors of any kind.

(c) In that press on Sudan Tribune, there was mentioning of Ajuong Payam of Twic East County was attacked by Murle tribe and at the same time they have looted cows from there too. We are here to be truthful to you our citizens. The report is 100% false, it is our neighbor behavior of creating problem and our run away. Nothing like that our people. In this article of ours, we have already disclosed the agenda behind these propaganda against innocent Murle tribe accusation. Though to repeat ourselves, this was a cover-up from Bor County politicians to go and destroyed Murle tribe or Greater Pibor Administration Area for their land and cattle. Jealousy and greedy is behind all these. Check out this map below please because it is one the agenda. Even one time one of the intellectuals claim that, “Anyuaak tribe area is also the Dinka Bor area or Greater Bor Area. Please check out Maps on this article.

The current map below is belongs to The Republic of South Sudan National bureau of Statistics, we have even discovered people who were responsible in that Department for the map. They need to apologize and also they have to remove that map. Because it was the work of those individuals solely.

There was no consultation from them to communities but they just do just that: To us is means Spirit of selfish and envy; it against office works to serves populace truthfully through ethics, please there is no Bor South County but Bor County people.


Another reason behind this, is for them to go and get their cows back from Murle tribe. By the way, some of you may be still remembering when their son, Mr. Kuol Manyang was governor of Jonglei State; that time he did give Murle tribe 400 heads of cattle due to Adol Clan and other Clans from Bor County to Greater Pibor Administration Area or Mure tribe and stolen some cows there. Whom many people from Bor County or Dinka Bor were not happy at all about their cows being given to Murle tribe through reason they think was not right or fair either. Plus land grasping is also behind this ideal of theirs (Dinka Bor). They even now claiming far distance as Anyuaak tribe area. They the Greater Bor or Dinka Bor people of Bor County. Ultimately, they think they have already controlled Greater Twic East or Dinka Twi East and Greater Duk (Nyarweng Dinka & Hol Dinka) areas of Jonglei State and their identities presumably, and not truly base on history differences claim by these sub-tribes of Jonglei Dinkas . So apparently, the Murle tribe Area or Greater Pibor Administration Area is now next conquering agenda, also behind this propaganda in that press on Sudan Tribune. They think they have already controlled those areas, so the next moves afterward might be to conquered Nuers Area as well.

When it comes to you Kolnyang Payam citizens in Bor County of Mr. Disaster Michael Makuei, the Lawyer by profession. What we are going to talk about here is your recently released article. Concerning that article, the Greater Twic East community of South Sudan in US have analysised your recently posted Article on South Sudan News Agency web-site. For us to be short and brief, you guys need to stop that propaganda against people history. Back to your article, the only two things we have taken out from your deceiving article against history Eastern Twi Dinka or Greater Twic East community and Greater Duk Dinkas of Nyarweng and Hol, etc. First, your article was actually been motivated by Dr. Riek Machar recently speech in Pangak. Where in his speech, he did mention word, “District.” That means your name Bor is ultimately become State for Greater Duk/Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Hol (Duk County) and Greater Twic East/Eastern Twi Dinkka (Bor County) in your Greater Bor/Dinka Bor (Bor County). What evil thoughts bad community who sells their own children to others. Mr. Mading Garang Tong and his generations have rejected your name Bor, Dr. John Garang and his generations have rejected your name Bor by created our under decent name Twic/Twic, and do you guys think this generations of ours will accept your name? The time will determine this generations of Eastern Twic Dinka; this Eastern Twi Dinka generations have already destroyed your Greater Bor name and Dinka Bor, and how you guys think this Greater Twic East community going to accept your imposing name Bor. Some of you may ask Dr. Majak recently visit to United States, where he was trying to use your cursed name Greater Bor or Dinka Bor. Do you people know what did happen to him? Some people were even just laughing at him or avoid anyone of his events being conducted under Greater Bor or Dinka Bor name. It was a struggle for him until he was advised to not host again any events of his under your evil name Bor. You guys become Dr. Riek Machar supporter overnight because he is going to create new State under your name “Bor or Bor State”. Overnight too, you guys become Dr. Riek Machar hypocrisies supporters and his SPLM-IO groups for being in expenses of your controlled government of President Kiir Mayardit. Overnight President Kiir Mayardit was threw under bus because the new opportunity have emerged overnight under Dr. Riek Machar SPLM-IO. What a chameleon like and deadly evil opportunist community that changes it colors in seconds? We hope the President Kiir Groups and Dr. Riek Groups have learned something form this community. But for us Eastern Twic Dinka, these people are not stable and they should be trusted by any side.

Two, your article might have been based on presumably on your sons’ lies, Mr. Michael Makuendit Lueth and other conspirators from your community. The bottom-line is, if your Mr. Michael and others are behind this propaganda from Greater Bor politicians, please we want you people to gives this suggested idea from one of our own sons suggested way to deal with this conquering idea against our people name. Here is the ideal, “if your Mr. Michael and others who are behind that article of yours. Let them take oaths for their history claims basis on individual Religions he/she beliefs in; these are some of the Religions we might have in our country of South Sudan. For instance, if one beliefs in Dinka traditional beliefs, he/she should take oath using traditional ax that has been used by Dinka tribe for long time as their formula of oath or swearing. He/she Christian Believers, individual should be given Bible to take oath about their history claims. If he/she an Islamic believers, Koran is the Book to take oath by your opponent, Pagans people should take oath using traditional ex or whatever they think they might be Beliefs in, Judaism the same procedures should be applied here too , and other Denominations as well.”

Please we are not longer like to debate this issue with deceiving historians. We think our citizens of Greater Twic East Community it is time to give that individual Holy Book or Ax if he/she is might be Dinka traditional believers or Pagans. Period let them take oath over their claims if they are rights. If individual or group is/are refusing to take oath about their history claims. Again, please that means you have defeat them from their nonsense history claim. Give them any Religions Spiritual Books or traditional swearing thing ex if they are really truthful to you people over their claims of other Jonglei Dinkas being part of your Dinka Bor or Greater Bor name. If they refuse to takes oath, that means they are lying about differences histories these communities have. To end our note, this is not Juorkoch of yours whom Juorkoc have conquered these Clans of Bor County:   Dee/Der, Ater, Adumor and Koc itself made up your Kolnyang Payam, Bor County. Also this is not food or power greedy thing you guys are naturally known for. The community that have killed weak and non-threaten civilians in their Bortown at UN compound.

Our message to Good Samaritan communities or tribes of South Sudan; especially; the Greater Equartoria region tribes where our citizens of ours did take refugee due to current civil war. We ask your Hospitality or kindness to allow our citizens to take shelters within your sweet home is sweet home. Our Greater Twic East Community or Twic East County, Jonglei State are not have any threat tendance towards anybody unless they were provoked first. Just for time being and if there is any possibility whereby peace might return to our country. Our people are going to go back to their Twic East County area, their motherland. We don’t have any history related to violence with our neighbors. To be specific, we ask you honorable tribe of Madi to just let our citizens take refugee for now until may be the peace returns to our nation. Many of our citizens are taking refugee in your Town of Nimule. The same message goes to areas our people are taking refugee right now, those communities or tribes are part of this message. Eastern Equartoria State communities, Lakes State communities, and other places where our citizens might have taken refugee are part of this message as well.

Time-lines of Sudan government Administration systems through revolutionary changes.

The British and Aglo-Egypt period in Sudan, from late 1800-1956

The British system was all about Province System, Administration System, Region System, and Court Centers System to manage or solves tribes or ethnicities territories conflicts. Each and every tribes was managed separately. Tribal territories were not managed like urban elites in towns. To people who have been misleading public that there was what so-called District back in the days of British Colony in Sudan. You are absolutely lying. Because British Colony was using systems of Province, Administration and Court Centers where judges were rotational among tribes. These systems were used by British Colony to avoid or solves tribal conflicts. Head judges were also rotated among communities.

Mundri or Bari Mangala of Greater Equartoria region’s Court Administration center was the first one before being changed to Juba. Aliau Dinka community was moved to Greater Bhar el Ghazal region court center at Wau as well. The Greater Twic East, Greater Duk, Greater Murle, Greater Nuer, Greater Anyuaak and other communities also were moved from Mangala Administration Court Center to Malakal new Court Center of Greater Upper Nile Region. Meanwhile, the Greater Bor was left with Mangala tribes or sub-tribes of Greater Mundri, Greater Bari, etc and Greater Aliau community in Mangala Province Court Center. Judges Head Chief were a rotational system by British based on ethnicities identities to avoid conflict. So, you people need to know that, Mangala was the first Headquarters of all Greater Upper Nile region tribes Court Center before it was moved to Malakal Town Court Center. These tribes or sub-tribes were part of a new Province Court Center in Malakal of Upper Nile Province. Within this period too, there was no District system of management in Sudan when British was still a Colony. For example, Greater Upper Nile region or Province Headquarters were in Mangala of Mundri or Bari, etc. The Greater Upper Nile Dinkas, Nuers, Shilluk Murle and other tribes in Greater Upper Nile region were Administered in Mangala Province Court Center until Upper Nile Province or Region was introduced later on. That makes Mangala as the first Headquarters of Greater Upper Nile Region tribes before it was moved to Malakal of Upper Nile Region. The Upper Nile Province Tribes Hand Book of 1930s link:

Mading Ngeth Angok was a fishing village of Thany Dinka community of Bor County before British came in there between 1900 and 1910. As soon as British has arrived to place, British immediately created Mading Ngeth Angok as Court Centers to facility tribal judges activities due to both the Malakal Town Court Center and Mangala Province Court Center were became too far to many tribes. Also, the British Colony purposes of making Mading Ngeth Angok a Court Center in first place was due to consistencies of Dinka Bor of Bor County people selling theirs children to Murle tribe and at the same time they still continue to steals Murle tribe cattle. The situation became a daily struggle theme between the two communities. Conflict between these two communities was the main reason why the British Colony creates Court Center in Mading Ngeth Angok. Just for them to be close to situation or to sub-due conflict between Bor County people and Murle people within short distance. That time, the two communities were become wild. This time too was the time Dinka Bor people Court was moved from Mangala province Court Center to Mading Ngeth Angok Court Center and as well as Murle people Court from Malakal Court Center to Mading Ngeth Angok. Please remember that, the Dinka Bor people were associated with Mundri, Bari, Aliau Dinka and other tribes in Mangala province before this moves happen. Their Headquarters were located in Mangala (that means the Dinka sub-tribe of Dinka Bor should be called Mundri-Mangala tribe or Bari-Mangala tribe too, and not longer being called Dinka Bor community due to them were Administered under Mangala province Court Center right?) We don’t think so. Later on, the Greater Twic East Court, the Greater Duk Court, the Greater Anyuaak Court were later on moved out from Malakal Court Center to Mading Ngeth Angok Court Center to ease their distances. Under these tribes Court Center at Mading Ngeth Angok, the Court Head Chief was a rotational ideal among these tribes or sub-tribes.

President Ibrahim Abboud era, from 1956-1969

Mr. Abboud was the one to introduces “District System” during his time as President of The Republic of the Sudan. In his new system of “District”, every tribes or sub-tribes were given District to manage themselves. So our Greater Twic East area/Eastern Twi Dinka was given a District but it was solely named by Paramount Chief Ajang Duot as “Kongor District”. Which is name of his Clan Kongor of the Greater Twic East Community [currently Twic East County, Jonglei State]. Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Hol and others [currently Duk County, Jonglei State] from Greater Duk area were given District and it was named by Paramount Chief Deng Malual as Duk District. Dinka Bor [currently Bor County, Jonglei State] was given District and it was named by either Paramount Chief Machiek Deng or Paramount Chief Mabior Ngueny of Greater Bor area. Under President Gaafar Nimeiry era, these three Districts were combined together under new system of State as “Jonglei.” Please check more below about President Gaafar Nimeiry era. Right now, where do people come up with Bor District that have combined these three areas of Greater Twic East, Greater Duk and Greater Bor?

President Gaafar Nimeiry Era, from 1969-1985

Nimeiry introduced “State System” in Sudan governing system when he took over the leadership from Mr. Ibrahim Abboud through coup in 1969. He was the one who came up with new system of “State” because Mr. Nimeiry was an educated and graduate from the United States of America/USA. When his new system emerged, the Eastern Twi Dinka, Nyarweng Dinka, Hol Dinka and Bor Dinka were told to form their new “State” but the name was an issue because Mr. Abel Alier and other scholars from Dinka Bor were eager to name the new State as “Bor State” but it was rejected by Eastern Twi Dinka intellectuals who were being led by Mr. Mading Garang Tong from Greater Twic East community. Mr. Mading Garang Tong and others were saying that, “the State will not be named through one sub-tribe." So Mr. Mading Garang Tong came up with “Jonglei” name to be the new “State name.” It was agreed on by majority from Greater Duk area, Greater Twic East area, and few from Greater Bor area. The genesis of these confusions was work of Mr. Alier Kuai and the rests from Bor County in 1970s, and some of the 1980s years

Mr. Alier Kuai done this after 1972 Addis Ababa peace accord been signed. He starts first by changing Mading Ngeth Angok of Thany Dinka to Mading Bor (please proves our claims through SPLM/A movements songs), and then to just Bor in 1980s and 1990s when Bor Secondary School was installed in Kakuma refugee camp, later on town was added to Bor as Bortown after up roars from public. Just after 1972 peace accord in Addis Ababa too was the ultimate time Mr. Abel begins campaigning when new District systems emerge from President Nimeri after British Colonel has already gone in 1956. So we don’t want you guys to smear British Colonel in regards to this confusions period. British was about Province, Administration and Court System, Regions or tribal Chiefs, kingdoms, Ethnicities territories, Clans were British and Aglo-Egypt styles of running Sudan’s government. Your claim people is totally lies. We know the time when this system of Districts came up in Junuba el Sudan was after the 1972 Peace Accord signed in Addis Baba. Even right now, many of our intellectuals are still remembering when new systems of Districts came up.

Our own son, the Founder of South Sudanese nation; Dr. John Garang era, from 1983-2005

Dr. Garang was the one introduced “County System” when it comes to The Republic of South Sudan. Dr. John Garang was an educator from the United States of America/USA like Mr. Nimeiry. Mr. Garang didn’t change the system of “State” from President Gafaar Nimeiry but he just mix ups the tribes under States on his new way. For example, some of you might have noticed that; under President Nimeiry era above there. Jonglei State was solely State for Dinka sub-tribes of: Eastern Twic Dinka [Twic East County], Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Hol [Duk County] and Dinka Bor [Bor County]. What Dr. Garang just did was to bring in other tribes of Nuers, Murle, Jie, Kachipo, Anyuaak to Jonglei State, especially these Counties here:

  • Akobo County
  • Ayod County
  • Fangak County (POM)
  • Pigi County
  • Nyirol County
  • Pibor County
  • Pochalla County
  • Uror County

Dr. Garang reason was to avoid tribal segregation that might for-long ethnicities’ conflicts. Also it was to create friendships among tribes that might translated it to intermarriage and good neighborhoods as well, etc.

When our son, Dr. John Garang introduces his new system of “County” our neighbor as usual. Who are Dinka Bor or Greater Bor were trying to impose their name “North Bor County” upon us again. It was rejected by our own son, Dr. John Garang and other intellectuals of ours, and he ultimately name our County as “Twic East County.” The original name than Bor and the true decent Eastern Twi Dinka people name that associated with good and fair characters since Monyjang/Jieng blessed our to be fair leader and good hand logistics his sons and daughters. The word “East” there was to differentiate our County from other cousin Twic of Warrap State.


What you think as your new idea is absolutely not, you guys are just in copy right infringement zone of former President Ibrahim Abboud idea of “District System”. Mr. Ibrahim Abboud was the former President of the Republic of Sudan who was overthrew by President Gafaar Nimeiry through coup in 1969. During President Nimeiry presidency was the time “State System" was introduced to Sudan. Also this 21th century and not longer 20th century. That means you better come up with your own system or makes some changes to two old systems of “District and State” from Mr. Ibrahim Abboud and Gaafar Nimeiry ideas. For instance, your group might to do some changes like what our son, Dr. John Garang did to President Nimeiry system of “State”. Dr. John Garang is credits for “County system”.

In addition, we believe you the SPLM-IO have came across our press we did release this year in regards to your proposal idea. The press was published on South Sudan News Agency web-site, Nyamilepedia blog, our web-site, and others. We stated clearly in that press that, this time we the Eastern Twic Dinka don’t want to associate ourselves with trouble maker community of Dinka Bor. Also our start should be named “Jonglei State” if former Duk District accept our request or if Ayod County citizens accept us too. If none of these communities refuse to join us, our Greater Twic East Area would be like Greater Bor Administration Area.

Our friendly advice to you the SPLM-IO, always avoid rushing idea that might cause you more enemies or conflicts among communities, tribes, or sub-tribes. We hope you guys discuss, , and so first and foremost logically. The map:

Histories Books resources:

"1- Johnson, Douglas H., The Roots Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars: Peace or Truce, Kampala,: Fountain Publishers, 2011, pp.65 & 92

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7- Sudan Notes and Records, Volume XVII (1934), Part 1 ‘The Religious and Spiritual Beliefs of the Bor Dinka’ by R. T Johnson, pp. 126 &.128.

8- Honea, Kenneth, The Deng Cult and it’s Connections with the Goddess Aciek Among the Dinka, Vienna: Wiener Volkerkundliche Mitteilungen 2, no. 1, 1954, p.17

9- Howell, P, Lock, M & Cobb, S, The Jonglei Canal: Impact and Opportunity, Cambridge: UP, 1988, p.206"

Eastern Twic Dinka citizens, we think it is time to use this formula to anybody trying to joke about people history.

For instance, if one beliefs in Dinka traditional beliefs, he/she should take oath using traditional ax that has been used by Dinka tribe for long time as their formula of oath or swearing. He/she Christian Believers, individual should be given Bible to take oath about their history claims. If he/she an Islamic believers, Koran is the Book to take oath by your opponent, Pagans people should take oath using traditional ex or whatever they think they might be Beliefs in, Judaism the same procedures should be applied here too , and other Denominations as well.”

Please we are not longer like to debate this issue with deceiving historians. We think our citizens of Greater Twic East Community it is time to give that individual Holy Book or Ax if he/she is might be Dinka traditional believers or Pagans. Period let them take oath over their claims if they are rights. If individual or group is/are refusing to take oath about their history claims. Again, please that means you have defeat them from their nonsense history claim. Give them any Religions Spiritual Books or traditional swearing thing ex if they are really truthful to you people over their claims of other Jonglei Dinkas being part of your Dinka Bor or Greater Bor name. If they refuse to takes oath, that means they are lying about differences histories these communities have.

Signed by Greater Twic East Youths of South Sudan-USA on behalf of our community back home and in Diaspora. Released by Information and Media Office of Twic East Community.

Our website:, E-mail: [email protected].

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