Protest Letter to H. E. President Salva Kiir Mayardiit

By Mark Dut Malual

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, Martin L. K. Jr., Dec. 1960

December 30, 2014 (SSNA) — I am writing to your Excellency on behalf of my people – the Thuyic Community to protest the designed-extermination-process of our people (Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam) in Eastern Rumbek County.

This process is dated back to 2001 beginning with elimination of  our cattle youths leader Bech Dong Manguen, then late Chief Maker Mabor Riak – that continued unabated till the hour I author this letter for your attention, your H.E.

There is no community in Lakes State or South Sudan for that matter, which has been subjected to these heinous acts, and no attention drawn for their cause, but only Thuyic Community in South Sudan, who still believe that there exists a government in South Sudan, Juba, but not in Lakes state.

Our people have been exposed to the following suffering and unbearable pain:

1. Our youth leaders have been their first targets, to which the mission of their elimination has been succeeded. Bech Dong Manguen and Diengdul Maliec are just two examples of this design, because they come from Thuyic Community.

2. Our people’s chief late Maker Mabor Riak was the first chief to be murdered in cold blood in 2002 because he comes from Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam!

3. Our people’s individual youths (P.S. Turguau Makoi Ayuek) have been ambushed and killed because they come from Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam!

4. Our people as a community have been assaulted, killed, and dislodged from their villages of Agukuel, Maleng-agok, Makuac, Panbarkou, Gorok, Malual etc for more than five times; for days, months, and as I write, it is going a year having been sent off their homes!

5. Our people’s women and girls have been gang-raped since 7th August 2014, and culprits of these offenses have not been apprehended to answer their charges. Is this the South Sudan that my community could be part of?

6. Our people’s livestock have been raided, property of all forms looted, and other assets destroyed, including their housing and no one (among these wrong-doers) has ever been apprehended or even asked to account!

7. Our people’s elderly (Makur Chol Ayup, Mapuor Majur Mathet etc) and children (Akoi Wuol Mabor 14 months old girl-child-killed), all have not been spared during this last attack of 27th December 2014, just because they come from Thuyic Community! Extermination at full swing!

8. Our people’s school-going pupils caught up at homes were not spared (Deng Maker Makuer, Muorwer Mapuor Akuckuer, Maweer Mapuor Akuckuer, Mayor Bol Akuckuer & Kaman Thuch Manyang), are example of bad intent of elimination by Gony section in Aliemtooc west against our people at the watch of the state government.

9. Our Community five schools (of Maleng-agok, Panbarkou, Agukuel, Gorok, Ayen-Paciec) have been closed since 6th August 2014. Our pupils did not sit any exams beginning from class seven to nursery, when our assailants’ schools were functional and their pupils took their exams, and no one including the state education minister made any efforts to have them opened or even any word of care to signal that we are being part of this community of Lakes state.

10. Our community pregnant woman (Akuac Wuol Deng) was assaulted in her house by the daughter of Governor Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol (…), no any investigation has been launched to ascertain why did she assaulted her neighbor and killed her innocently? This is because she is the daughter of Governor Matur Chut, who both belief that Thuyic Community member are premier enemies.

11. Our community cattle youth – Mangang Manyang Deng was attacked within Maleng-agok Payam market and killed instantly. None of his attackers has been detained and no one has made query of why no justice for his life.

12. On 27th December 2014, our Thuyic Community members chattered a plane to airlift six victims of this ethnic cleansing to Juba. On hearing this information, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mr. Deng Malual Mathiang Ajuong ordered for a shoot down of this plane, fortunately, the Lt. who was ordered defied on the ground that he has not been serve with letter of shoot down to act on, thus the plane reached Juba late evening. One of these victims is currently being denied flight to Nairobi for better care by Governors’ brother in SPLA Juba, alleging that the victim is a culprit. Culprit in what form when he is a casualty of ethnic cleansing in pursuit by Governor and his relatives. Mr. President, send your team to investigate this order, you would be shock of how bad the leadership here is! Oh! Lord God, come to the aid of our people in Maleng-agok Payam and her surrounding villages.

13. On 26th August 2014, our Thuyic Community made every effort to arrest one of their own, who retaliated on late Paramount Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol. He is the only one now, investigated within three months period, and sentenced to death, when those other culprits remain at large!

Is there any justice here in Lakes state?

Your Excellency, we were expecting a little sense of humanity and leadership from Lakes state Governor Major General Matur Chut Dhuol in dealing with insecurities of Lakes, and especially with his own armed clan men including who assault the other side, either to use necessary force to prevent them from in assaulting their perceived enemies of Thuyic in their villages or he gives way to any other person, in tendering in his resignation letter to your high office; even when his daughter has murdered innocent pregnant women. This did not happen.

Earlier on, Matur Chut has been a suspect of igniting this sectional feud since 2001. This is now proven beyond reasonable doubt, yes indeed he is. He has never made any efforts to address to the two groups, till yesterday he went to Panbarkou to talk to victims of his design after they have been devastated in their homes. All along, he could not travel to Panbarkou, because he is accused of being behind the crises.

Your Excellency, are we not part of South Sudan that we all fought hard to the last beat of independence that we are left at the mercy of those who have taken authority as theirs – (supposedly our authority) to use against us?

With this appalling state of our people agony that we would like to hear your apt response or else we will conclude in two days that you don’t care of our people’s lives like other South Sudanese suffering elsewhere.

On 16th August 2014, three youth leaders of our Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam petitioned your government, making necessary recommendations as redemption, but there was no proper action, but rather poorly plan of disarmament during which 107 lives of our dear soldiers were lost in their battle with Pakam pastoralists.

Oh! Lord God, come to the aid of our people back home in Maleng-agok and her villages from the hands of the merciless evil men! And we pray for peace and tranquility in South Sudan!

The 27th December 2014 death toll on our people went to 17 persons dead including a 14 months old girl child – Akoi Wuol Mabor, caught up with her mother in Panbarkou village of Maleng-agok Payam. This child—unoffending, innocent and beautiful was a victim of one of the most vicious, heinous crimes ever perpetrated against humanity. I call on Wuol Mabor, the father of Akoi, that inspite of the darkness of this hour, you must not despair, you should not become bitter, nor must you harbor the desire to retaliate with violence – allows God to retaliate!

May our 14 months old girl-child Akoi Wuol Mabor’s soul rest in eternal peace!

Thank you.

I am writing on behalf of our Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam, who HAVE suffered in their dignified end and for their existence!

Mark Dut Malual lives in Melbourne, Australia, and he is reachable on: [email protected].

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