Rachel Nyadak Paul’s statement to take tea in Uror County next week is mere dream

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

December 30, 2014 (SSNA) — Hon. Rachel Nyadak Paul who serve as the deputy minister for information and broadcasting in the current government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit is in the shoes of puppet Gordon Buay Malek who is well known of issuing baseless propagandas which does not hold water to the Media outlets thinking Lou Nuer White boys, the mighty Silva and Golden army ever can be frighten and got scare by words coming out from a human mouths. Of course not, our white army cannot be shaken by propaganda from a woman mouth.

For Christ sake who do Nyadak think she is….? Ok…………… So it is true that went a woman lost her husband earlier, she will be entitled to all ups and downs, shorts and longs, big and larges, better and worse, hot and colds, strongest and weak, but let me tell you clearly and very nakedly (Nyadak) that; your Chinese troops, Uganda mercenaries, your boys (Mathiang Anyoor) to whom you are their Sugar Mummy, the entire SPLM- Juba Politicians including them SPLA Generals whom you have reluctantly decided to open your two legs to, might not and will not take Uror ‘Mun Loal’ within a week. True must be told.

I can’t imagine a person borne in the same area where her umbilical cord was buried still keep wishing the same destination more destruction and bad lucks? How can we term this person? Well, I will call this extreme madness, selfishness and a person who think not of the people who voted for her or the land she vow to developed, but Money as everything in her life. Period.

Moreover, it is always good to think twice before you leave, Rachel Nyadak Paul should think of refuting/dismissing or apologizing to the public and particularly to greater Lou Nuer immediately or as soon as possible because the more she laid low the more things will falls apart on her side.

Hon. Nyadak Paul who force her way up through do or die intercourse and through no retreat no surrender kind of sexual sacrifices to reached where she is today cannot listen or fears any man, except the man who employed her.

But Nyadak should also put in her small medulla of langata (brain) that wherever you come from always matter in politics, Politics considered your strong hold mostly during any election. Now that you want to destroy your County, which constituency will you come from probably went time comes for election? And who will vote you in once again?

Too bad to imagine your fateful ending honorable……………

However, your days are numbered. It is useless for us to waste time responding to your fake statements that you stated to get your daily earning. You are no more but morning dew that always evaporates went sees the Sun start showing his eye……..

I have spoken my words and may gods of the land hear my voice……..

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through [email protected].

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