SPLM-in Opposition Youth League Chapter in Ethiopia Rejects IGAD’s Proposal on South Sudan Power Sharing

Press release

Re: We Reject IGAD’s Proposal on South Sudan Power Sharing

January 30, 2015 (SSNA) — We the SPLM Youth chapter in Ethiopia massively condemn IGAD, and other International bodies for failing to condemn Juba massacred instead considering of rewarding a killer with more power to kills more south Sudanese in the near future. This is not only illogical but creation of weak institutions by the bodies entrust in the regions to maintain security and promote peace and stability. It sounds completely an insult to the voice of democracy, justice and truth with the world continuing to allow thugs to leads the peace talks without proper solution but caring for their interests.

The world know what trigger the crisis in the new nation because of Salva Kiir’s folly to maintain the seat of power for generations to come, and the entire country is now in full disaster. Juba massacred in which thousands of innocents Nuer civilians were slaughtered, and Uganda used international banned clusters bombs against the populace in south Sudan and the world went silent. Yet with all these madness in practices, the right bodies in charge of world peace affair continues to incline on the pressing issues in south Sudan. Where on earth a killer can be reward with power to what some prominent individuals consider to preserve the democratically elected government. Who elected Salva Kiir in south Sudan? Perhaps Dr. Rice voted him in to kill the people of south Sudan. This is unfortunate

We are sadden to learn recently that IGAD is threatening the Opposition to take their ill proposal on power sharing which we see as the youth in Ethiopia will never bring peace but prolong the war in the country. The focus should not be rewarding a killer but providing justice to thousands’ families, displaced population by the government of tyranny regime in Juba.

Therefore, any agreement aiming to reward a killer is an illusion and not targeting the most wanted peace in the new nation. Our stand is, we will never support any agreements aiming to rewards Salva Kiir and maintain him for the future destruction.

Cde. Riek Zong Riek
Chairperson for SPLM Youth League Chapter in Ethiopia
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