Haak Youth Association dennounces Peter Chuol’s personal statement published in Juba Telegraph on 26th/01/2015

Haak Youth Association (HYA)

Date: 02/02/2015

Sub: Denouncing the statement published on 26/01/2015 on Juba Telegraph by self-claimed Mayiandit Youth chairman: Peter Chuol Phar Gatchang.

February 2, 2015 (SSNA) — We the above mentioned body, would like to acknowledge/ the Nuer community in particular and entire South Sudanese in general about the statement that said we are supporting the regime of Salva kiir and his care taker governor of unity state Joseph Nguen Monytuil. Base on the false statement, issued by that individual, we strongly denied the statement that we are not supporting the genocidal government.

The statement was just a mere propaganda released by that opportunist, disgruntle beggar and blood sucker. Our position is that, we could not and will not support the dictatorial regime whose aim is to use our country resources for mercenaries (UPDF) who are now killing our people and try to invade our ancestors land for their political and economic interest. Therefore, all Haak youth association of Mayiandit County firmly stands behind the SPLA/SPLM-IO under the wise leadership of Dr: Riek Machar Teny

However the so called: Peter Chuol Phar Gatchany is not even a chairman of the association before and after, he is just a traitor who has self-interest and only working for his own personal benefit to have a position in dead regime of salva kiir.

Finally: We want to assure the public that the allegation that was published is not true and baseless.

Johnson Beek Kuithoy Gai
Chairperson Haak Youth association
For contact:
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