Collo Global Action Urges for Ceasefire and Dialogue as a means of Addressing the Grievances of Gen. Johnson Olony’s Forces

May 17, 2015
May 19, 2015 (SSNA) — Collo Global Action (CGA) would want to seize this opportunity to proclaim to the Collo people that a new dawn is coming soon for the brightest Sun to shine over the Collo Kingdom. The mourning orphans and widows will be comforted and their tears shall be wiped away for the Collo Kingdom will be free from Nuer expansionists and Dinka land grabbers.

The CGA has been keenly following with great concerns the serious military development in the Collo Kingdom that culminated in the capture of Malakal by Gen. Johnson Olony Thubo’s forces on May15, 2015 after they have part ways with the other SPLA forces who regrettably decided to defend the interest of some malicious selfish politicians rather than the country with its beautiful ethnic diversities.

The CGA condemns such uncouth elements in the government of South Sudan for inciting the unprovoked attacked against Gen. Olony’s forces in Malakal. Among the orchestrating politicians are Governor Simon Kun Puoch, Stephen Dhieu Dau, Aywong Awer and some others who want to grab the Collo land and marginalize the Collo people in political area.

After Gen. Johnson Olony’s and Gen. Aywok Ogad’s forces exceeded all expectations and registered tremendous victories against the barbaric Nuer White Army by flashing the rebels out from the Collo Kingdom’s territories in Upper Nile state, Some ill-motivated individuals within the Padang Jieng sectional alliance conspired with Governor Simon Kun and Sector Commander Johnson Gony Bilieu in order to turn Upper Nile State into a lethal machine against any common interest to the Collo people.

The Dongjol Dinka militia of Akoka assassinated Gen. James Bwogo Olew and his thirteen bodyguards in a very brutal manner, yet the government decided not to take any action to bring such murderous elements to the book of accountability. Instead the government only focused on the demand for Gen. Johnson Olony’ coming to Juba to be disciplined. What kind of justice is this if the victim is the one to be punished!

The same Dongjol Dinka Militia kidnapped and killed NGOs drivers who hailed from Collo and continued to launch deadly shells and attacks on Collo areas with importunity while the government maintained complete conspiratorial silence.

Now, things are out of control and the government should shoulder the blame of inaction on the sabotage against Collo in Upper Nile State.  The consequence of such intended humiliation and marginalization is now engulfing the whole Upper Nile with unfathomable fire that will automatically close down the oil fields.

But despite all these devastating developments, CGA still believes strongly that dialogue is the best method for resolving conflicts. Therefore, the CGA urges both Gen. Johnson Olony and President Salva Kiir Mayardit to contain the situation urgently and declare ceasefire so that a mediated negotiation could commence before other war complications set in. 

Also the CGA would like to urge Gen. Olony’s forces under command of Abdalla Kur and Gen. Aywok’s forces under command of Yuanis Okic to cement their unity of purpose more strongly and work together for protection of the Collo land and its territorial integrity from any external or neighborly threat. All the Collo forces need to form their own separate movement and forge tactical or strategic alliances with any friendly force when deemed necessary.

The CGA appeals to the government of South Sudan to once and for all address the Dinka-Shilluk land dispute and urges President Kiir to nullify his unfair decision that awarded Pigi Collo land to Dinka of Atar and reject all the greedy claims of Padang Dinka over Chollo lands east of the banks of both the Nile and Sobat rivers.

The CGA calls upon President Kiir to declare a state of emergency in Upper Nile State, immediately relieve the failed Nuer tribal governor Simon Kun Puoch and transfer the tribal Sector’s Commander Johnson Gony Biliue from Malakal so that peace can come back in order to stop any flow of more blood sheds and other terrible devastating consequences. 

The CGA urges all the friends of South Sudan, the regional and the international community to come up in support of the Collo kingdom and see to it that dialogue prevails in addressing the grievances and root causes that led to the on-going additional crises of Olony-Government’s war in Upper Nile State.

Long Live South Sudan
Long live Collo Kingdom
Long live Collo Heroes

Forward Ever, Backward Never

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