Jagei Community in Diaspora condemns atrocities committed in Unity State by South Sudanese government



May 23, 2015 (SSNA) — The Jagei Community in Australia and North America condemns the current Atrocities committed against Nuer civilians by South Sudanese Government Led by this ethnocentric President Salva Kiir and the Clannish Governor Nguen Monytuil in Lich/Unity State, South Sudan.

Tribal President Salva Kiir Mayar

The entire Jagei Community is seriously condemned the horrific acts of genocide committed by South Sudanese Government at the end of April 2015 until the current month of May 2015 in six southern counties of Unity State. The Clannish Governor Nguen Monytuil and his clannish General Matthew Fooljang under the genocidal orders from President Salva Kiir have allegedly committed the following atrocities in Unity State mainly, civilian massacres; rapping of women and underage girls; abduction of children of both gender; vandalizing; raiding and looting civilian properties such as houses, cattle and food stores.

Clannish Governor of Unity State Dr Nguɛn Monytuil Wija̱a̱ng

Civilian Massacres

First of all, Government troops and their mercenary militias commanded by General Fooljang advanced from Bentiu city to Rupkona’s Nhialdiu Payam, which was tactically deserted by the The Opposition Forces in April 2015. When they did not find the Freedom Fighters there, they indiscriminately shot at the civilian population, which tragically resulted into grave massacres. They continued their systemic killings of civilians in Buaw Payam and Koch County centre where 15,340 civilians were massacred excluding those massacred in Rupkona, Guit, Mayiandit, Leer and Panyijiar counties.

Clannish General Matthew Foolja̱ng committed April-May, 2015 massacres in Southern Counties of Lich State , South Sudan.

Koch County civilians and their traditional chiefs were cunningly lured from their hideouts by the Government’s traitorous commissioner Koang Biel Char and were later massacred by General Foolljang and his clannish armed militias. Government troops have further advanced deep into remote villages and swampy cattle camps in Tuoc-kiɛɛr and killed children, women and vulnerable civilians such as elderly, blinds and lamely crippled people. Both SPLA-Juba troops and their mercenary militias armed by Salva Kiir had carried out systematic killings of these civilians by tightening their hands and legs behind their back and burnt them alive in their traditional cottages.

These have been such unbelievable brutalities that any national government could commit against its own civilians in any nation if not the Hitler’s Nazi regime. We globally believe that the main task of any functional government is to provide vital services to its citizens. However, the South Sudanese Government is killing its own citizens instead of protecting them. The citizens of South Sudan expect their government to protect them but the government have failed the residents of Unity State.

President Salva Kiir and his tribal SPLA troops and the outlaw Governor Nguen Monytuil with his clannish militias commanded by their clannish General Matthew Fooljang Top have murderously engulfed the civilians in Unity State in late April 2015 until now.

They have shockingly been committing one of the most devastating and heart breaking massacres of unarmed civilians in recent memories. Salva Kirsch has synonymously repeated mass massacres in Unity State. These have been more apocalyptic than the December 2013 Juba Massacre. The gross Human Right Abuses they have been committing in Guit, Rupkoni, Koch, Mayiandit, Leer and Panyijiar Counties of Southern Unity State are unspeakable.

Rapping of women, underage girls and abduction of children of both genders

In addition, Government troops and their mercenary militias ordered by President Salva Kirsch and directed by the Clannish Governor Dr. Nguen Monytuil have committed acrimonious crimes against humanity in the aforementioned six southern counties of Lich/Unity State.

President Kirsch’s and Governor Nguen Monytuil’s genocidal troops and militias have been committing gang rapes against women and underage girls while abducting others. They rapaciously abducted underage children for desperate needs of militias or new recruits and others for adoptive interests.

Vandalizing, raiding and looting of civil properties such as houses, cattle and food stores

Furthermore, Tribal President Salva Kirsch and Clannish Governor Nguen Monytuil have deliberately instructed their outlawed SPLA Juba and militias to continuously vandalise civilian houses, raiding cattle and looting their food store in Unity State.

Those raided civilians cattle and looted food were taken to Mayom County located in northwest of Unity State where Governor Nguen Monytuil hailed from and some more proceeded to President Kirsch’s homestead in Warrap and Lakes States. Most of the owners of those raided and looted properties were massacred and some survivors are now dying of thirst and hunger in their hideouts in the rainy bushes of Unity State.

Moreover, the Jagei Community in both abovementioned continents has slightly considered the responsive condemnations extended to the public media by IGAD and UNICEF in relation to the government’s renewed hostilities on civilians. However, serious action with an immediate effect should have been taken against the continuous perpetuation of war crimes against humanity in Unity State and elsewhere in South Sudan.

The mass murder of innocent civilians; gang raping of women and underage girls, forceful recruitments of children into army; abduction of young children for personal adoption; vandalizing of civilians’ property, raiding and looting their possessions including herds of cattle and food stores is extremely unacceptable.

Nuer civilians have been facing these ongoing massacres since Salva Kirsch’s failed assassination attempt on Dr Riek Machar in Juba on 15th December 2013, which the government referred to as an attempted coup de tat. However, it is our full resentment that UN and other International Bodies are reluctant and seemingly having morbid

fascinations toward the mass graves of innocent Nuer civilians under the tribal government of Salva Kirsch in South Sudan.

In conclusion

The Jagei Community in Australia and North America is resentfully condemning the current atrocities committed against the Nuer civilians in Lich/Unity Stateby General Matthew Fooljang under the orders of the President Salva Kirsch and Clannish Governor Nguen Monytuil.

The World Superpowers should quickly address these atrocious abuses that the Government of Kirsch has committed against innocent lives in the Nuerland. Given a discernible authenticity that President Salva Kirsch and Governor Nguen Mony-tuil ordered an illiterate clannish General Matthew Fooljang who has so far been butchering the Nuer civilians in southern counties of Lich/Unity State.

No sensible government can afford to inflict such terrible atrocities on its own citizens in the world except this outlaw tribal government of President Salva Kiir.

The Jagei Community has extremely condemned these heinous crimes in strongest term possible.

We are seriously calling upon the IGAD, UN, AU, EU and The International Communities to speedily sanction this outlaw regime of Salva Kirsch. The President who instigated a war on ethnic cleansing that has been bifurcating the harmonious ethnicities of the citizens of South Sudan.

We urgently appeal to the mentioned International Bodies to take a strong action against the oppressive regime of Salva Kirsch and to stop these inhumane killings of unarmed civilians.

The South Sudanese Government is currently fighting against the Nuer civilians instead of the Opposition Forces in Unity State and this led to a deleterious abyss on our Nuer civil population.

This tribal President has been using our national powers to empower his Dinka tribe by hiring foreign mercenary allies such as Uganda, JEM and SPLM-North Sudan rebels to massacre our innocent civilians since 2013. We therefore urge the UN and International Communities to urgently intervene and rescue the displaced civilian survivors who are now trapped and dying in their hideouts in the rainy bushes of Lich/Unity State.

The UN, AU, IGAD and the International Communities should reverse the murderous intervention of the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who is only supporting one tribe associated to Salva Kiir. Yoweri Kanguta Museveni has been using an internationally banned cluster bomb on our civilian populations in South Sudan.

If no concrete action is to be taken, this ethnic bloodletting will continue to take more civilian lives in Lich/Unity State and elsewhere in South Sudan.

On behalf of Jagei Community in Australia and North America, we are expressing our sorrowful condolences to all families, relatives and friends of Jagei, Dok, Leek, Jikany, Haak, Nguong and all other Naath who are currently mourning these atrocious massacres of their loved ones.

We are mournfully extending our further condolences to our fellow counterparts who have synonymously mourned for their loved ones particularly in Bieh, Sobat, Adar and Pow States of South Sudan. The Jagei Community will forever remember the loss of those innocent lives who have been brutally massacred by President Salva Kiir and Clannish Governor Nguen Monytuil since 2013 till present month.

Signed by the followings JCA and JCNA Secretariats:

1. Maley K. Wawudit
General Secretary-JCA.
2. Kuneng P. Puok.
General Secretary-JCNA.
3. Angelo K. Phaltang.
Information Secretary-JCA.
4. Malual J. Bentim.
Information Secretary-JCNA.
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