South Sudanese rebel faction ambush government troops in Western Equatoria State, 5 dead

Juba, June 9, 2015 (SSNA) — A South Sudan’s rebel group, the Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA), has announced it has crushed and destroyed units of Juba-backed troops after exchange of gunfire in Western Equatoria State.

The rebel faction said SPLA soldiers who were sent as part of large scale military reinforcement to Madridi felt into ambush four kilometers outside Madridi.

“The heroic forces of Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) today on 09th June, 2015; courageously crushed SPLA’s Production Unit,” REMNASA said in a public statement.

“…SPLA forces yesterday on 8th June 2015 committed great atrocities against residents of Maridi whereas they killed 10 civilians, burnt houses and looting properties, which caused massive populations,” it added.

REMNASA also alleged that it has killed five SPLA-Juba solders, wounded others, captured six rifles and a RPG, adding that government troops have been scattered and on the run.

The cause of the problem

REMNASA asserted that the problem began after cattle belonging to a Dinka man destroyed a farm in Maridi. After, the farm was destroyed, a Madridi youth tried to explain to a Dinka man that what his cattle has done is wrong; then, the Dinka man choose to confront the youth instead of apologizing.

As the situation escalates, the Dinka man who was supposedly with other unknown number of other Dinka men decided to call their tribesmen from South Sudan’s National security post in the area. Soon after, security agents (all Dinka) arrived at the scene and arrested the Madridi youth who first informed the Dinka man about destruction his cattle had done.

From there, local youths from Madridi reacted angrily by beating the cows with sticks after they learned their fellow Madridi youth was arrested for no apparent reason—this is where the problem escalated into a complete chaos.

REMNASA’s statement further alleged that that government soldiers shoot and killed many civilians, destroyed houses, and looted properties.

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