Advocacy group accuses Kampala and Khartoum of ‘undermining’ South Sudan peace talks

Washington, DC, June 10, 2015 (SSNA) — A report released on Wednesday by the Washington, D.C.-based Enough Project accusedSudan and Uganda of undermining South Sudan’s peace negotiations in Ethiopia.

The report comes as new peace talks between South Sudanese rivals resume in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

"Willingness to take action on South Sudan has been undermined by a web of political and economic relationships linking regional elites’ interests to those of South Sudanese politicians,” the report reads in part.

The report also said other unnamed East African nations of having economic interests in the young country and that efforts to find a peaceful solution to the raging civil war in the violence-stricken nation are difficult.

"Political and economic interests linking elites across Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan have individually and collectively undermined peace talks and the region’s will to enforce sanctions that would disrupt access to funds that sustain war," the report added.

The Enough Project’s report also stated that regional economic interests make peace negotiations even more difficulty for the United Nations and individuals countries to impose effective sanctions.

The report is the first of its kind by an international advocacy agency to accuse Kampala and Khartoum of undermining South Sudan’s peace talks.

IGAD-mediated peace talks collapsed in early March after South Sudan’s warring factions failed to agree on security arrangements and power-sharing deal.

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