Peace Ambassador condemns atrocities committed by Government Forces in Unity State

For immediate release
Thursday, July 02, 2015

July 2, 2015 (SSNA) — I’m very disturbed to hear the atrocities committed by the Government’s Forces on civilians in Unity State. I strongly condemn the brutal killing of mothers and sisters. Wherever on the Earth, killing a woman has no different of killing a Nation.

I doubt that the very soldiers who abducted, raped and burned the women had neither raped nor burned their wives. This is dangerous and the warring factions’ leaders must critically look into it. I strongly appeal to the leaders to convince their forces because the more they continue raping and burning the civilians, the highest the chances the leaders will one day face the Court after this senseless war.

These are the consequences of war; they always resulted on innocents’ people. The brutal killing of innocent civilians in Unity State is strongly a violation of Human Rights.

In this senseless war, I believe whoever win the battle will still need civilians. 

I don’t see the benefit of abducting, raping and burning or brutally killing a woman as a strong signal of victory, but I do see it as a weakness or an authoritarian leadership to scare the citizens. Citizens must be respected for they are the cornerstones of leadership for every leader. They are there for you and me to bring us onto power. Whoever targets them must be viewed not as a strong commander, but as cruel and weak commander.

I strongly urge the warring factions to refrain from such acts. The continuation of such acts will directly lead the civilians to withdraw trust from either party.

Once again, I urge the Opposition to practically avoid the culture of revenge or any retaliation. War will never and ever end this conflict but instead will escalate the suffering of civilians if it’s not properly managed through peaceful mean.

I directly urge the two principals to attentively convince their Generals to respect the civil populations, their properties and entire vicinity.

Concerning the recent sanction on six commanders, I narrowly welcome the move but I wish the UN Security Council would have thoroughly studied the sanction before it’s imposed on commanders strategically. Commanders are only commanding, but they are under command of Commander – In – Chief. I believe that imposing sanction on Military Commanders who rarely move nowhere on the globe will contribute nothing to resolve the crisis in South Sudan. 

It makes sense not to sanction the principals because we need them to negotiate on the table, but what if the two failed to reach an amicable solution? Of course, the more the UN Security Council gives more chances for two principals to negotiate on the table with no solution, the more the innocents’ women will be abducted, raped and burned to death.

I strongly urge the UNSC to possibly study the sanction with full strategy before they imposed on Field Commanders.

Finally, I urge the Youth from all parts of South Sudan to work for peace and attempt a bold step of bringing peace through peaceful advocacy. It’s just a matter of time…a Dinka man and a Nuer man will soon share a plate of Pizza on one table.

Pray for women not to be abducted, raped and burned!
Pray for South Sudan!!
Pray for change!!
Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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