Pagan Amum is a South Sudanese Liability of the 21st Century!

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 21, 2015 (SSNA) — The newly reinstated Secretary General of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Comrade Pagan is a born again in corruption malpractices. Corruption has routes in his blood even though South Sudanese complains day and night, nothing will manifest at all.  The latest investigative report indicated that, Pagan is having four (4) accounts in foreign Countries; two accounts in United States and two accounts in Swish Banks. If there is need for verification am very ready to expose his corruption for the betterment of my fellow South Sudanese masses. Am a human right defender, it is my right to talk on behave of the voiceless South Sudanese who are looking for social services like roads, hospitals and schools.

On 23 July 2013, South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit issued a Presidential Decree suspending Amum and forming a committee led by James Wani Igga, to investigate Amum for alleged misconduct. Amum was accused of mismanagement of the party, financial irregularities and insubordination, including opposing Kiir’s decision to suspend former Finance Minister Kosti Manibe and former Cabinet Minister Deng Alor on corruption charges.

All accounts are having money for the Nation that Comrade Pagan looted from South Sudan. All the four accounts are full of dollars that were supposed to be use for development of South Sudan as a Country. It’s well known by many audiences across the Country that Pagan is a South Sudanese who was brought from nowhere by late Dr. John Garang during the liberation struggle and now he is the parasite at this particular period of time. What a great disgrace?

The total amounts of dollars that got lost from the end of seventy five (75) corrupts individuals in South Sudan is equal to 4 billion United States of America dollars.

If you convert that amounts of dollars in to South Sudanese Pounds, it could reach to billions and billions of money. Practically can Pagan Amum be in the top Leadership of the country when he embezzled country resources for personal benefits? What a disgrace to President Kiir Leadership?

It’s well documented both internationally, regionally and locally that Comrade Pagan Amum, the current reinstated Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is a South Sudanese Liability of 21th century. It’s absolutely recorded that, he is a leading figure in the corruption cases among the South Sudanese politicians who happened to be listed.

Amum has been a Secretary General of SPLM as the party since 2005-2013. When he (Amum) was sacked due to corruption cases and misbehavior in the ruling party, he was lobbying for interim government while he is aware of his wrongdoers.

Since the crisis emerged in 2013 up to earlier 2015, Pagan Amum has been in forefront advocating for the removal of President Kiir and his entire cabinet where he described the current leadership as “worse government on earth”, government of thieves and he (Pagan) is among the thieves, moreover number one thief in the Country. Very Interesting!

He has been meeting different diplomats from United Kingdom, United States, European Union and Eastern Africa Countries advocating for him to be the alternative for the regime change in the Republic of South Sudan which he failed miserable.

Recently, Pagan when to Juba and got reinstated due to Arusha agreement that was signed between the former G10, SPLM in government and SPLM in opposition.  obviously, there was no option for Amum to survive politically since he failed to convene the International Community to lead the Interim government which he tried very much and he was denied the chance due to his records where he choose corruption as his mission and vision to move on with life in this 21th century.

Interestingly; according to the sources that were there during the liberation struggle, Secretary Amum never fired a bullet one day because the man is a coward naturally and Dr. John Garang realized his weakness and made him a small boy who use to carry mattresses and bags there after he was called a Garang boy of that time up to date.

Even thought what might be the case Pagan, will never get Presidency of South Sudan unless he re-turn the millions of dollars he had stolen from the people of South Sudan. God of South Sudan is watching at Pagan seriously and therefore he might not accomplish his wishes in politics.

His being in President Kiir government again will lead to disappearance of some millions of cash any time from now, because it’s an ideology within him to take money like that in the Country.

Historically, Amum was born in a greater Lou-Nuer area around Waat of Nyirol County of Jonglei state around January 1959. His family moved to Malakal after his grandfather, chief of the Ubuar people, died and Amum’s father was asked to take over the role. His father went from being a clan chief to later being paramount chief and president of the court.

It was through a great man from Lou-Nuer who gave prophecy about the birth of Pagan Amum because the mother of Pagan took decades of years without getting conceived.

The late father of Pagan Amum Okech was a police man who was station in Waat by the government of Sudan by then. His being good to the Lou-Nuer community at that time lead to his blessing to have the current Pagan who is known as the only South Sudanese whose blood is full of stealing the resources of the land.

Surely, according to the well research findings since 2010 by International Community, Pagan Amum made use of his position as the Secretary General to take millions of dollars to foreign countries for his own investments and benefits.

It’s a very big insult to South Sudanese communities for Pagan to be reinstated as the Party Secretary General.

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan.  Follow him on tweeter @ Peter G Manyuon.

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  • G. M. Malek Kachuol
    March 22, 2017 1:31 am

    If one is looking for the perpertuatuators of rampant corruption, large scale looting of public funds, authors of the SPLM wars of political positions, authors of SPLM wars of the makings of a Nuer President, the post independence root causes to the conflict in South Sudan etc, one will fine all of them rooted in the SPLM policy of the Dictatorship of the Liberation Party. This socially, economically and politically disfunctional policy was drawn up by non other than Pagan Amuom, who forced it down the throats of SPLM leaders like President Kiir Mayardit. It should be high time for President Salva Kiir Mayardit to avert the looming political dangers by exposing all his corruption prone former colleagues to IGAD-Plus nations peace makers and to the National Dialogue.


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