Compromise Peace Agreement is Fairer

By John Adoor Deng, Australia

July 27, 2015 (SSNA) — The recently published document by IGAD Plus on South Sudan conflict resolution, call the Compromise Peace Agreement, is finding its home with many South Sudanese peace lovers. The document has explicitly defined, divided roles and powers at all level of the expected government of national unity. It has too; provided parameters that would guide the accountability and has in its mechanism to curb bad governance in the expected transitional government. For example, all decision-making in key institutions such as the presidency has been matrixed, and thus things like previous unsubstantiated non-consulted decrees shall as a result of this new matrix, ceased.

Secondly, the document had spent out a provision to observe transitional justice through the establishment of Hybrid Court for South Sudan (HCSS). This court, according to this agreement shall hear all cases of atrocities and human right abuses committed during the 19months in South Sudan conflicts. As an international monitored and funded court, it will act lawfully unlike other African courts where offenders go without being given penalties they deserve. Apparently, this court will be unique and forceful in all matters presented.

Thirdly, the most contentious issue (the two armies’ narrative) has been well spent in the agreement. The agreement postulates that the assembling, screening, re-organization, disarmament and demobilization of all military forces must be done within 30 days counting from the day, this agreement will be signed. It is also stated that all capital cities will be demilitarized and that only 260 soldiers will guard the president, 195 soldiers with the First Vice President, and I guess couple of soldiers will be spin to vice president.

Fourthly, fairness has been awarded to the most affected states of the greater Upper Nile region. There shall be specific funds accorded to these states for development and reconstruction.  Although, we South Sudanese have killed ourselves virtually for nothing, we can still swallow our bitterness to one and another and embrace this peace. In my view, this is a good peace both for suffering masses and ruling elites. The United Nations, TRIOKA, European Union, China, and the IGAD countries have recorded their inputs into this agreement. We can call it a world gave peace to South Sudan. The sceptics have no points to convince us against this peace unless they wanted South Sudanese just to kill and finished themselves for no good reasons.

There are no reasons to resist the call for peace and tranquillity in South Sudan. We have suffered enough and worse in the recent conflict. We cannot afford to remain fighting an unwinnable war among ourselves. Millions of homes, schools, hospitals have been destroyed in unimaginable scales.  I, therefore, appeal to the negotiators on both sides to accept this peace unreservedly and the joyous of peace back to the Republic of South Sudan.

The Author, John Adoor Deng, is a member of South Sudanese Civil Society Organisation in Australia.  He is a periodical commentator on South Sudan issues, conflict, governance and reconstruction. He is reachable by email: [email protected].

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