SPLM-IO New Zealand Chapter’s congratulatory message on the signing of compromise peace agreement

Press release
22nd August 2015

Re: SPLM-IO Chapter in New Zealand sends Congratulatory Message to the Chairman of SPLM-IO and C-in-C of SPLA Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon for signing IGAD-Plus Compromise Peace Agreement

Mr. Chairman,

New Zealand, August 22, 2015 (SSNA) — The SPLM-IO chapter in New Zealand takes this rare opportunity to congratulate you for the courageous, resolute, and successful step you have taken to sign the IGAD-Plus compromise Peace Agreement on 17th August 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has been the belief of the SPLM-IO and ordinary citizens inside and outside the country that the conflict – imposed on the people of South Sudan by Salva Kiir Mayardit who instigated it through hate speech that culminated in Juba Genocide on 15-18 December 2013 – must be brought to an end through peaceful mechanism. Unlike President Salva Kiir who wrongfully opted to only witness rather than signing, your signature before mediators, witnesses and stakeholders to the peace process shows not only your seriousness in the pursuit of peace but your commitment to it.

Although the root causes of the conflict have never been addressed thoroughly throughout the negotiating process by IGAD-Plus mediating team, the issues pertaining to such causes have been given some answers directly or indirectly in the Agreement signed. For one, the demilitarization of Juba – our national capital – gives limited space to “Dutku beny”, which devised methods of mass murder and carried out the Genocide, to repeat the previous devilish act. It will be the interest of any concerned citizen living in Juba that the national capital must be free of state-sponsored mass murderers, the same murderers who turned Naath backyards into graveyards. The city will be policed by international intervention force to clock the crooks operating on the Government’s behalf. Another protective clause in the Agreement is the assurance that the SPLA will be separate and will manage its affairs parallel to the government’s army. A separate SPLA army is the sure way to quickly respond if Juba stirs up 15th December 2013.

Mr. Chairman,

Even though the Agreement has not adequately addressed the concerns why the people responded with arms in what was self-defense that later on evolved into the People’s Movement to correct corrupt practices implanted by Salva Kiir for years, it’s enough to say those concerns should be let go for now for the sake of peace. This chapter registers its appreciation for the SPLM-IO peace negotiating team led by Gen Taban Deng Gai. The negotiation was nail-biting, painstaking, and jaw breaking process since the beginning. Some grounds were lost, some were compromised, and a few more gained on the process in respect to what the SPLM-IO stands for, but it’s unfortunate that the other side of the conflict didn’t reciprocate in a manner that South Sudanese people and the world want. Gen Taban Deng Gai’s team, and yourself deserve the praise for the well job done!

Mr. Chairman,

As you sell this peace to the people, specially in the SPLM-IO controlled areas, you will be met by the invisible voices who condemned this peace before it materialized. Among these voices are two top deserted generals and prominent politician who conned communities in the United States of America and departed with large sums of money to form his Movement. This community has the pleasure to advise not to lend them your attentive ears because they are not threat to peace as their HQs are in foreign countries. They live in hotels which they change frequently for fear of public resentment. They are fugitives who don’t represent anybody’s interest apart from their families and close relatives. Responding to them will be distraction from the mission – peaceful settlement of South Sudan conflict.

In summary, you have been on record all along that this senseless war created by Salva Kiir Mayardit due to his hate for Naath as a tribe will be brought to end through peaceful means; that the barrel of the gun is the last resort. Your signature on the Agreement on 17th August 2015 reaffirms your position in this conflict. The members of this community pray that Salva Kiir – who happens to be the biggest actor in this peace – should heed to the reasonable calls both at home and in the Diaspora to realize this peace by jetting back to Addis Ababa and ink his genuine signature on it. It’s impossible for one to run away from his/her shadow, he has no good history to polish should he miss this chance. Your flocks are in the right direction of your shepherdship, congratulations for bringing peace home!!


Mr. Makuey Rambang
For/SPLM-IO Chapter in New Zealand
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