Son of senior rebel official arrested in Juba

Addis Ababa/Juba, August 27, 2015 (SSNA) — A son of a senior rebel figure who works for the Commercial Bank of Kenya in Juba was on Thursday morning arrested by South Sudanese government security operatives and his whereabouts unknown, rebel Spokesman James Gatdet Dak said.

Gatdet announced through a press statement that Godfrey Kenyi Mulla, who is the son of Dr. Richard K. Mulla was picked up by security agents from his work place at Kenyan Commercial Bank in Juba. The rebels also call on Kiir to intervene.

“We have learnt with disbelief that government security agents this morning arrested Godfrey Kenyi Mulla, son of Comrade Dr. Richard K. Mulla. He was picked from his work place at Kenyan Commercial Bank in Juba,” Gatdet said.

The rebel Spokesman urges Juba to release Godfrey, adding that the government should not arrest him because he is a son of a senior official of the armed opposition.

“We call on President Salva Kiir’s government to release him. This is unbecoming. He shouldn’t be targeted simply because he is a son of a senior official of our Movement, even when a final peace agreement was signed by the President on Wednesday, 26 August,” he added.

Rebels say they don’t know where security agents took Godfrey to and that they are also worry for his safety.

In the past, South Sudan’s government accused Kenyan Commercial Back of refusing to give dollars to South Sudanese.

However, it is not clear if Godfrey arrest is connected to either his work or his father being a senior figure in the rebel movement.

Many mysterious killings and disappearances have been happening in Juba in recent weeks and months.

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