US rejects Kiir’s reservations claim over peace deal

Washington, DC, August 26, 2015 (SSNA) — The United States on Wednesday rejected the "reservations" claim made by the South Sudanese president Salva kiir at signing ceremony of the IGAD-Plus’s compromise peace agreement.

Before inking his signature on the document, kiir talked about the war and peace saying his government chooses peace and proclaimed that he has reservations about the deal.

The White House’s Spokesman Josh Earnest praises Kiir’s decision to sign the deal. However, he rejected Juba’s reservations claim, saying the US does not recognize it.

"President Kiir made the right decision to sign the peace agreement today, but we should be just as clear that the United States and the international community does not recognize any reservations or addendums to that document,” Earnest was quoted by the Associated Press (AP) as saying.

After Kiir relies that he is facing strong pressure from the US, IGAD, and the community of nations, he then decided to sign the power-sharing pact on Wednesday evening in South Sudan’s capital, Juba — more than a week after he refused to endorse the same peace text.

Kiir was not specific about the things he doesn’t want in the deal.

The final peace agreement calls for the formation of a coalition government within three months.

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