UN agencies to give South Sudan’s IDPs fishing and agricultural supplies

A South Sudanese woman in a farm… Photo credit: USAID/Angela Stephens
A South Sudanese woman in a farm… Photo credit: USAID/Angela Stephens

Juba, June 4, 2016 (SSNA) — In a move announced early this month, two prominent organizations of the United Nations (UN) decided to join forces to help teach South Sudanese refugees to become “self-reliant” as the young nation begins a process of transition from more than two-year old destructive war to peace.

The two agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), say their collective response will encourage the IDPs not to rely heavily on humanitarian aid and that their partnership will give refugees fishing kits, variety of crops, vegetable seeds, among others.

“People here lack the resources to buy the things they need to start planting and need support to be able to produce their own food. These distributions have been very timely since the planting season has just started,” FAO’s representative, Serge Tissot, said.

On his part, Ahmed Warsame, who represents the UNHCR praises the move, saying agricultural-based interventions will inspire IDPs to become independent.

“We are pleased to announce that these interventions are working well, but we are also looking beyond quick-fix solutions that help refugees become more self-reliant and less dependent on humanitarian assistance in the long run,” he said.

UN states that South Sudan is one of many countries facing “serious food crisis” and hopes that joint efforts by the UNHCR and FAO will yield good results.

The joint response is intended for locals in Upper Nile, Western Equatoria, Unity, Jonglei, and Central Equatoria states, according a statement released by the United Nations.

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  • Giving IDPs fishing and agricultural implement is great. South Sudan is a rich country. Right tools and security of the IDPs can make the difference. Dependency on the world’s donations for survival isn’t pretty and burdensome. Working hard is the solution.

  • Help to self help, the only thing that works. Then people from villages to create the structure they need for security. No help available from Juba. self organizing teams the key to make things happen.
    Once it becomes known that there is good security in a small pocket, the next village will also do this and so forth. leaving little room for those who wish harm.
    cultivation is hard work, everyone knows this. Grow on every spot available. Many say “they will not allow it”, mostly “those people” already have big bellies, don’t ask them for permission to grow what you need to survive. Just do it, if someone has a problem, share a tenth with them, that way they get something instead of nothing, and you and your family survive.


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