China’s state-owned company accuses South Sudanese of hatred

The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). Photo credit:Bloomberg L.P/Getty Images
The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). Photo credit:Bloomberg L.P/Getty Images

Juba/Khartoum, June 7, 2016 (SSNA) — Employees of a Chinese-owned construction company has accused the people of South Sudan of hatred, saying their work in or around Juba has been complicated by locals who think that China’s involvement in the young nation’s affairs are not helpful.

In an exclusive interview with Foreign Affairs Magazine, a US-based journal of international relations and American foreign policy, an employee of Railway No. 10 Engineering Group, one of state-owned construction companies of China, says South Sudanese hate China presence in the violence-wracked young nation, accusing locals of hatred.

“These people [South Sudanese] don’t like us; they think China is robbing, not helping, them,” Luo Minhai, who is one of Juba-based Chinese workers told the Foreign Affairs Magazine.

South Sudanese and Chinese governments have signed numerous contracts, allowing Chinese-own businesses to secure lucrative oil and construction businesses in South Sudan.

The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), one of the Chinese major government-run corporations, has been named as the main agency which sub-constructed the Railway No. 10 Engineering Group.

The report, a copy if which was seen by the South Sudanese News Agency (SSNA), also accuses the Chinese company of paying locals to carryout its construction works in Juba.

The report further alleges that South Sudanese prefer Chinese companies over Western ones, citing complex western demands.

In April 2012, Former South Sudan’s information minister, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, told the BBC that Chinese government financial assistance to South Sudan’s government has “no strings attached to it.”

NORINCO, which has been given the green light by South Sudan’s ministry of defence and veterans affairs to expand its premises to accommodate more government troops, has in the past been accused of numerous violations including selling dangerous weapons to a number of violence-stricken countries.

Chinese government denied the allegations, saying it is a smear campaign perpetuated by enemies of China.

China is the largest foreign oil investor in South Sudan.

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  • China is heavily involved in South Sudan civil war through its National Oil Co. Without its support to the government, the two main warring parties would have concluded agreement a long time ago.


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