Fear grows as government denies access to deported rebel official

Government soldiers. Photo: Charles Lomodong/Getty Images
Government soldiers. Photo: Charles Lomodong/Getty Images

Juba, November 5, 2016 (SSNA) — South Sudanese rebel Spokesman James Gatdet Dak who was deported to South Sudan Thursday has been told not to speak to anyone without government approval.

It has emerged that South Sudan’s government has denied numerous requests to visit rebel Spokesman who was kidnapped at his residence Wednesday by Kenyan police and forcefully deported to South Sudan the following day.

Dak, who was apprehended by agents of South Sudan National Security upon his arrival at Juba International Airport, is now under 24 hours watch inside the national security building in Juba and not permitted to talk to anyone, the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has learned.

On Saturday, a confidential government source told the SSNA that a team of South Sudanese lawyers requested that they be allowed to visit Mr. Dak but the government denied their request and instead were given a stern warning not to ask gain.

“They tried this morning [Saturday]…to ask the national security if they can be allowed to visit James Gatdet but were told no one is allowed to talk to him. They were basically told by national security people not dare to ask again,” source said.

“There is growing fear here in Juba that Riek Machar’s spokesperson was severely beaten-up Thursday night,” the source asserted.

However, the same source told the South Sudan News Agency that the officer who is now in charge of the national security building is a relative of Mr. Dak.

The source refused to give the name of the person to the SSNA for fear of reprisal.

Kenya has been harshly criticized for deporting the Spokesman of the armed opposition leader Dr. Machar and accused of violating the Geneva Convention.

Some SPLM/A-IO supporters accused unnamed Kenyans MPs of accepting bribes from South Sudanese government.

The expulsion came just one day after the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon fired a Kenyan general who headed the UN peacekeeping mission in the war-torn South Sudan.

James Gatdet’s deportation has been linked to a message he posted on his Facebook profile Wednesday in support of UN’s decision to dismiss the Kenyan General who a United Nations investigative body accused of failing to perform his leadership duties during government’s soldiers attack on UN personnel and killing of civilian in July.

Right groups said arrangements have been made for their representatives to visit Dak.

One government’s insider reveals that the rebel official has already been tortured and that the government is working on a plan that would force him to publicly denounce rebel leader Riek Machar.

Kenyans detained in Jonglei State

In another development, the SSNA has also learned Saturday that furious troops loyal to rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar allegedly detained Kenyans in a rebel stronghold located in Lou Nuer area of Jonglei state.

The claim, which the South Sudan News Agency cannot independently verify, didn’t specify number of Kenyans held and reasons for their detention. It is however assumed that the detention could be related to recent Kenya’s decision to deport top spokesman for the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO.

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  • Where guns rule there is blood shade but I am sure kiri will pay one day dearly its petty for people to ake others life for granted but things will one day turn on there necks

  • Ambassador, pastor PK.
    November 6, 2016 3:21 am

    Here it’s the thing, if the Government of Kenyian become a bias to the Government of South Sudan!!!
    I will say they are in trouble with South Sudanas a diplomatic future relationship.
    I guest the president of Kenya he is her naieve enough, he don’t know what is going on in his Country…
    Other wise he is the one who agreed to vilated the Geneva convention ruls.

  • What kind of father who is kiir the president of south sudan should be to care for the people but turn to be to kill his kids which south sudan people oh god see him with all blood of people he is killing


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