South Sudan’s rebel leader appoints senior officials

South Sudan's Machar. Photo: AP
South Sudan’s Machar. Photo: AP

Juba/Pretoria, December 1, 2016 (SSNA) — The leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) Dr. Riek Machar has appointed Henry L. Odwar, Tingo Peter Regbigo, and Stephen Par Kuol to top leadership posts, an order obtained by the South Sudan News Agency has shown.

Odwar has been appointed as the Deputy Chairman and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the armed opposition. While Regbigo has been appointed Secretary General of the SPLM/A-IO. Kuol is appointed Chairman of the National Committee of Foreign Relations.

It is the first time for Machar to appoint anyone in top rebel positions since he fled Juba in July.

The three senior posts have been vacant since former Deputy Chairman Alfred Lado Gore, Former Secretary General Dhiu Mathok Diing Wol, and former foreign relations head Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth were approached by Taban Deng to join his faction in Juba.

A senior SPLM-IO official told the SSNA that more political and military promotions or appointments will follow as the armed movement is getting ready for what he described as “all options.”

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  • Does Machar not ashamed of himself? War is not going to help since he has been chased away,government in Juba itself don’t to kill him. Please just wake up than me and meself . Some among Nuers are nightmare.

  • Well done. Work as a team.

  • Kuany Kiir Kuony
    December 2, 2016 1:12 pm

    Riek’s selfish and shameful administration will never yield any fruit in his movement though he appoints disciples of jesus to be his followers.he is totally incompetent in political authority and good at being political in peace yea riek we are tired of terrorising our country simply for presidencial post,Good is washing all your dos.

    • Riek is not fighting for that seat. He’s fighting for change. South Sudan would have been a better place without Salva Kiir. Riek Machar remains the Legitimate Leader of the SPLM-IO. Salva Kiir has completely failed this innocent nation. We have seen enough of this regime, tribalism,corruption etc…. The KIIR GOV’T tried assassinating him but that will never end the change we are fighting for. “THE KIIR GOV’T is killing South Sudanese civilians and we are rising up so strong. That seat will be occupied by someone else not even Riek you’ll believe it when the time comes. There are 63 Tribes and 1 USELESS tribe alone can’t be above us all. Enough is Enough.

    • James Modesto
      December 3, 2016 4:50 am

      Is there any difference between RIak and kiir, no need of depending these two leaders, you can not get ashamed of calling South Sudan as a country with it collapsed economy unless you are also among those corrupt leaders who steal our resources for their personal gains

  • It is shamless what south sudanese leaders following to kill their own nation. They came off from bloody albashir.

  • The only government who is chased SPLA/IO is Washington DC. Slava Kiir so called the president of South Sudan can not defeated and can not even face on SPLA/IO. Ask, what happen after Slava Kiir genocide on December 15/2013 in Bor Twon towards to Juba. Only special forces of Uganda help Slava Kiir government. Now with Trump administration, think will get done fast in the right direction.

    • Really, it’s government who chasing away spla io. It’s spla io run away by themselve nobody chasing them away please be for really and telling true.

  • Jervase Majak Mabior
    December 3, 2016 2:50 am

    I really appreciated the replacement of senior political leaders in Juba because the are betraying the vision & mission of in opposition .

  • overseer Bataly
    December 3, 2016 8:32 am

    Comment *
    I really felt ashamed to see how south sudan is under de punishment of God .we need to understand our wrong doings and come out to God and He will pordan our sins.
    we dont like a defeat in our nation and dontlike de fhree words in our mouths.forgive.sorry and thank u.
    I dont blame our leaders but they forgotten that they are in Gods sheeding of de blood of our brothers will be accountable upon them and any one of us will recieve a punishment we have contribute in this nation.
    lets not forget that our future gerenation we are killing them now.who will be our leaders of tomorrow.
    may God forgive our nation and forgive us too.Let God bless u abudantly as u read this messenge.

  • Peace is what we want.

  • Comment *
    honestly the leaders of this young nation South Sudan has failed it completely beyond recovering, now what’s remaining is wiped them out so that to rebuild this nation otherwise nothing as can be fruitful with leaderships of these autocratic leaders WHO behave like they r not indigenous citizens of this country. for me, I term them as foreigners who always come & grab resources for their benefits & go out for development.

  • Ramadan Morris Shoko
    December 3, 2016 3:20 pm

    I would like to urge my fellow brothers equatorians ,don’t follow Kiir and his government blindly,the only prime person who can help and support all south Sudanese is Dr Riak Machar.

    • Do you think that, equatorians people are blindly by riek before now it’s time equatorians to open their eye to see what riek is do is killing the innocent people . Now you tell them not to follow government.

  • one day one time nuer and equatorian will not be they leaders of our nation as south Sudan till the end!! one word is enough for more.

  • Fake appointment.
    where is your army then?

    • Go to hell kuem lac with your drunkard kiir who legitimize his term by force he(kiir) was fake president than you call Dr Machar like. Victory is certain.

  • Nothing riek do to make nation better than killing the innocent citezens for his own leadership.

  • Congratulations Dr Machar this people movement will not fail just keep up the good work God is there for you and your fellow country men.


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