US alarms over escalation of violence in South Sudan

US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner. Photo: Youtube/Getty Images/File
US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner. Photo: Youtube/Getty Images/File

Washington, DC/Juba, December 5, 2016 (SSNA) — The United States says it is worries and alarmed over the escalation of violence in South Sudan, particularly in the Equatoria region, State Department’s spokesman, Mark Toner said.

The announcement comes as the US wrestles to get enough votes at the UN Security Council to pass its proposed arms embargo on South Sudan and targeted sanctions.

In a statement issued today, Toner calls on the UN to impose an arms embargo and targeted sanctions on the war-torn South Sudan to help deter the violence, adding that the United States is deeply concern by the violence, rise of hate speech, sexual violence, and civilian targeting and that the US will not tolerate such actions.

“The United States is alarmed by the violence in the Equatoria region of South Sudan and concerned it could quickly spiral out of control. This situation is intolerable, will worsen the already dire humanitarian crisis,” Toner said.

“We cannot turn a blind eye to these crimes, and must ensure that all those who order, incite or commit violence against civilians are held accountable,” he added.

The State Department Spokesman statements echo that of the US Envoy to the United Nations Human Rights Council Keith Harper who last week stated that South Sudanese government is targeting civilians and preparing to launch “large-scale” attacks on rebel positions.

The statement also asserted that the recently deployed 4,000 ethnic militia to Equatoria region by the government could further deteriorate the situation and intensify confrontations between government and armed opposition forces putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk.

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  • brood of vipers! You’re the mixers

  • That is not right to UN to be alarmed on the war going in south sudan; its better to gain your benefit you antoganised the country. Also the sanction should not solve these problem in the country

  • Dear, US

    mind your business and this is our country. how can you called national army militias? if you have interest in this conflicts than keep away from affaires.

  • If ones pick guns and attack anywhere in United States for whatever grievances, United States government will not negotiate but will quickly respond with overwhelming force.
    South Sudan shouldn’t be blamed or treated different for fighting off bad armed groups.

  • Apiku Richad Vuzi
    December 6, 2016 7:50 am

    I wish what happened in Afganstan should also happen in South Sudan the unrest in South Sudan to an end.

  • Now dinka are happy world have given them chance of killing non dinka mind you dinka are raping our women and llying you are marrying them if we turn and kill all the children what will youi said reik was right that only dinka will be left in south sudan the way you see is true

  • i thank the UN government 4 ur support dose who dont care are the ones who have nt experienced suffering innocent p,ple


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