JMEC chairman praises Kiir for launching national dialogue initiative

JMEC Chairman Festus Mogae. Photo: Flickr/Getty Images/File
JMEC Chairman Festus Mogae. Photo: Flickr/Getty Images/File

Juba, December 14, 2016 (SSNA) — The Chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission Festus Mogae has praises South Sudanese President salva kiir for unveiling a national dialogue initiative.

Mogae says he congratulated Kiir for reaching out to South Sudanese communities, saying the dialogue is needed in South Sudan.

“I am delighted to hear President Kiir reach out to his people with such strong and heartfelt words and launch this much-needed National Dialogue initiative,” Mogae said in a statement obtained by the South Sudan News Agency.

“The President has seized a critical opportunity for national reconciliation, appealed for a spirit of forgiveness and togetherness and set in motion a genuine campaign to address the concerns and grievances of the South Sudanese people. I applaud his leadership and I give my assurance that JMEC will support the National Dialogue in any way we can,” he added.

In his addresses the parliament today, Kiir told MPs that national unity is important and calls South Sudanese to forgive him for his mistake.

“In the spirit on national unity, forgiveness, and dialogue, I’m asking you the people of South Sudan to forgive me for any mistakes I might have committed,” he said.

Kiir’s chief rival, Dr. Machar, proposed a national reconciliation initiative after south Sudan’s independence to bring together groups from all south Sudanese communities and participate in the process. However, in April 2013, President Kiir issued a presidential decree, suspending the process. Kiir’s allies later claimed Machar was using the initiative to promote himself and for a political propose

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  • It is sure good to hear the president turns for reconciliation, but why is the reconciliation not mentioning his real opponent Dr. Machan? Civilians are fleeing government forces all over Equatoria, Festus Mongai is one man busy with his all fashion pleasing congratulatory good for nothing wordings. How long should South Sudanese suffer to say enough to those of Festus and their con-friends?

  • David Lokosang
    December 19, 2016 3:54 pm

    I wounder how much money the chairman of JMEC has been paid to praised the killer Salfa Kiir. Isn’t it a mockery to the people of South Sudan who lost their love once. How can you praise some one who have killed thousands of innocent lives and still killing them in cold blood in different areas of South Sudan in the name of illusive national dialogue. Let the world and IGAD countries know that the so call national dialogue initiative is a proved that the regime in Juba is not for peace and that is the reason why they abrogated the peace accord they signed by the opposition group in 2015. This guy is unfit to be the president. He came by luck and so he must go now not tomorrow before the country slide into Rwanda style.


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