UN Security Council extends its mission in South Sudan

Photo: UN/Getty Images/File
Photo: UN/Getty Images/File

New York/Juba, December 15, 2016 (SSNA) — The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Thursday extended its peacekeeping mission in South Sudan by one day, however, the council members disagree on a host of many issues on the United States-drafted resolution and that some member states demand “serious negotiation.”

In August, this year, the UN extended its mission until December 15. The move came just over a month after South Sudanese former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar was forced out of Juba.

It Is not clear whether the Security Council will agree on the extension after Russian Federation and other nations refused to endorse the US-backed resolution.

Russia says the US-resolution wants to impose sanctions to be imposed on South Sudan, adding that the United States wants the UN to deploy aerial drones to monitor South Sudan.

“There are several delegations that have very serious concerns, and we knew it from the very beginning,” Russia’s deputy Ambassador to the United nations, Petr Iliichev said.

The resolution, seen by the South Sudan News Agency, cites 13 general resolutions and five statements inked by current and past Council presidents.

“Determining that the situation in South Sudan continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security. Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, [the UN] decides to extend the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS), as set out in resolution 2252 (2015), and as further set out in resolution 2304 (2016), until 16 December 2016, and further decides that UNMISS shall continue to include a Regional Protection Force (RPF) with the mandate set forth in resolution 2304 (2016),” the resolution declared.

The United Nations also authorizes UNMISS and regional protection force to use “all necessary means given to it under UNSC resolutions to perform their duties.

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  • UN can help especially our vulnerable South Sudanese. But it will not bring peace in present South Sudan whether they bring in a million army.
    In fact, UN presents will continue to distabilize South Sudan more and more. Their lies encourage rebellions while making South Sudanese government distrust them.
    Peace will quickly arrive if unabaised, true problem solver like Tanzania steps in to encourage South Sudanese leader solve their own problem.
    That country was on tract to solve SPLM POWER DISPUTE, allowing compromise on other issues.
    Then you had uninformed goons in Addis Ababa forcing peace while unnecesary spliting states, governors.

  • The political parties of South Sudan need to reflect on this questions. What best in their ability and intelectuality can they offer to the people of S. Sudan?. All the parties heads need to remember that their difference is acceptable and determine to find harmon as a strength to build the nation they love and belong. It will be a big failure and a let down to the people of Sudan if Government and all political parties miss this opportunity to come together and find home grown solutions that will solve challenges and snd shape a hope for Sudanise prosperity. Let me remind all the Sudanise political part leaders and intellectuals, once you dreamed to have a nation now you have it. What better are you doing with it? How comitted and selfless are you in puting serving your people? How willing are you to work together despite your differences to make Sudan a great country in the world? Don’t let the world mock you. Don’t hope much from international community, the better solutions for your problems are in Sudan.
    Learn from sorries a wise men. He had suns who fought every day. He ask them to bring a stick each and asked them to breack it. It wad so easy they did. Then he asked to bring a bandle of sticks each and he asked them break it. None of them brock the bandle. If the Government of Sudan and political part heads and intelectuals and private sectors determine to find a comon ground on which to find solutions for your people no one will tear you apart. Now it is time for action. You can not wait. The Government is like a fathef in the story, so need to bring togerther all the suns of Sudan, no matter how stuborn they are and give them roles despite of the ethnicity and class but professionalism. Time to build your country not destroy is now. Not tomorrow. The suns and daughters of Sudan needs a better life and it is in your choices. Chose life or death for your people. What do you want for your children and grand children?


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