Japan criticized for refusing to back South Sudan arms embargo

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe. Photo: Toru Hanai/Reuters
Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe. Photo: Toru Hanai/Reuters

Juba, December 27, 2016 (SSNA) — The government of Japan has been harshly criticized by the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper editorial board for failure to support the US-drafted resolution which was rejected last Frida by the United Nations Security Council.

The Osaka-based left-leaning newspaper blasted Tokyo for what it described as “a highly questionable decision” and wonders if Japanese government really understands the deteriorating situation in South Sudan.

“The government made a highly questionable decision when it abstained from the vote on a U.N. Security Council resolution to slap an arms embargo on South Sudan. The Japanese government would have effectively acknowledged the critical situation in the war-torn country if it had voted for the resolution,” the Asahi Shimbun’s editorial board wrote Tuesday.

“Why did Japan abstain, even parting ways with the United States?” the editorial asked.

Asahi Shimbun argues that Tokyo misses its chance to play its role by backing the resolution because it would serve as a good starting point for the process.

The paper criticizes the government, saying Japan’s decision to abstain from the UN vote sent a wrong signal, adding supporting the arms embargo would show that Tokyo is committed to the world peace and would also ensure safety of the Japanese peacekeepers.

The editorial calls the decision “deeply distressing.”

The paper also tells the Japanese government that its primary responsibility as part of the international community is to make “serious diplomatic efforts” to make sure weapons sales are banned to help prevent the war-torn South Sudan from heading to a wrong path where mass atrocities could be committed.

Last week, Washington questioned Tokyo’s logic behind its decision to refuse to back arms embargo proposal.

Tokyo says US reaction is “not helpful and counterproductive.”

The 15-member council rejected the US-sponsored resolution last week after Washington failed to secure nine votes need to pass a proposal.

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  • Government of Japan, like Russia, China is more muture than brainless, emotional, naive colleagues at White House or 10 Downing Street.
    Those behind this left wing newspaper should focus on home affairs, they don’t know anything outside Japan and have nothing to offer to South Sudanese.
    Look, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, among others have been under UN, US, UK sanction or armed embargo for decades but none of these countries have problem of lacking weapons as the results. What make anyone thinks South Sudan can be different? In fact, with sanction or an arm embargo, UN staffs, Japanese soldiers, or other advocates will themselves expel, unwelcome or even kill.
    South Sudan belongs to South Sudanese. It’s not part of US, they didn’t ask US or UN when they picked up weapons in 1983.

  • I believe Japan did great job, because the know Southern Sudanese citizen need peace only. No sanction

  • Comment *ofcouse you are DINKA, you are defending the Dinka murderers. Dont fool yourself mate. Do you have any remorse that your kind are sufering enmass in the neighboring countries? Is there Proof you have a government in juba that cares ?

  • Lakueijik Dut
    January 6, 2017 2:53 am

    ya aljunubi, when the genocide in Rwanda happen in 1994, it was not only guns which were used to kill cockroaches(Tusti) so don’t think arm embargo can prevent South Sudanese from killing themselves nor it will bring peace, Japan has done a great job to prevent the regime change agenda of US and UN

  • Son of Junubi
    January 16, 2017 2:30 am

    According to my far suggestion i though let america came, they have right to took that diction, government actually failing to save his citizen, am therefore the major important civilian, let america came and save us god is greater,the mistakes is alcohol and ladies.


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