South Sudan reverses threat to reject deployment of more UN peacekeepers

Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General. Photo: UN/Getty Images/File
Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General. Photo: UN/Getty Images/File

Juba/New York, January 12, 2017 (SSNA) — South Sudanese government said on Thursday its previous position on the deployment of additional UN peacekeepers remain unchanged, the United Nations has said.

UN says its acting head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan Moustapha Soumaré met with South Sudanese Minister for Cabinet Affairs Martin Lumoro and that Soumaré demanded clarification on media reports which cited senior government stating that Juba rejects deployment of more UN peacekeepers, adding that Lumoro assured Soumaré that government has not changed its position on the issue.

“Today, on South Sudan, the Acting Head of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Moustapha Soumaré, met with the South Sudanese Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Martin Lumoro, and requested clarification on various press reports which cited senior government officials stating that the government had changed its position on the deployment of the Regional Protection Force,” Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, said at a press conference at the UN Headquarters in NY today.

Dujarric added that “The Minister confirmed to Mr. Soumaré that the government’s position on the subject remained unchanged, and that in line with the relevant Security Council resolutions the government would continue to facilitate the deployment of the regional force.”

Reports that Juba rejects the deployment of additional UN peacekeeping force emerged Wednesday after the spokesman for South Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs put out a statement, saying the government would no longer accept 4,000 additional UN peacekeepers proposed last August.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) was among the first news outlets to report government’s refusal to accept the deployment of more peacekeepers after it obtained a statement released by Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesman, Mawein Makol Ariik.

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  • This is impulsive government that need to be handled with an iron fist.It is a flighty government that does not think the negative/positive outcomes of its actions.It is a despotic government that does not give room for transparency and accountability of its actions to the citizens and international community.It is a brusquely government in its manners has so far shown in the recent past.It is a frivolous government that does not bear any recognition from the citizens of South Sudan and the good friends of South Sudan.

    • I agree. The Government of South Sudan needs to think of the consequences of its actions regarding the humanitarian impacts on its own people. Self-serving politicians, lining their pockets with money, while eating their fill, need to be handled firmly. The International Community needs to be explicitly clear with such individuals: if you generate the conditions for suffering, you will be held to account. In my opinion, South Sudanese politicians should be forced to live in refugee camps and eat the same meagre food. Maybe then they will think of the impacts of their greed.

  • the truth is this ruthless government will never at one time tell the truth, each ministry works as an independent entity that they have no common understanding as a country, whoever feels they can Carry a gun make their own decisions, so this kind of government needs to be handled with a stronger international ironic hand so it can come to its senses

  • “South Sudan reverses threat to reject deployment of more UN peacekeepers”

    Fellows, you are just out step with realities with your evil corporate America, the UK, their UN, their evil juus and some of their criminals in between that sponsored your aimless armed rebellion.

    Fellows, this fellow in the photo is a New Zealanders—-this criminal is just another criminal that replaced your Norwegian witch who went back to her country last month. Some of our Nuers and some of our Equatorians. You are the evilest of all evil people on earth. You fools can’t even notice the criminal in this photo, used by our enemies to play games with our people and our country.

    Here in the Sudan though, we don’t have an inherent hatred towards the people of New zealand, people of Austaralia, the indigenous people of Australia, their indigenous of pacific islander people, the Germans, the Nordic people including, Russia, the Chinese, Canadians, the indigenous Canadians, the indigenous Caribbeans and the Afro-Caribbeans, the Mexicans, the Mayans, the Barazilics, the Apaches, Dakotas et al and the African-Americans and some White Americans.

    We are going to bomb the Saudi Arabia, the so-called israel, all the evil corporate America army carriers in the open seas—-reasons because of American-Americans and other people and the Island of England, only London.

    We are going to you bomb fellows. Get your rubbish away out of our country.

    Fellows, be very careful.

    We are back fellows. We are not playing games with corporation America, the UK, their UN, their evil juus and some of their criminals in between.

    We are going to bomb our enemies.

    • NHIAL Athian Bol
      January 13, 2017 12:03 pm

      the deployment of regional protection
      forces can not bring peace in south Sudan

    • U man u sound like an insane cattle keeper carrying a gun at the cattle camp. is that not “a night mere” If the gov’t of S.Sudan has failed to protect its people from those local rivals posing direct visible threats to the Regime, then what gov’t will be bombing what enemies that u are dreaming a bout like a “maggot” ?

  • Galdino sebit
    January 13, 2017 2:02 pm

    Since the security council resolution 2304, the Government position on the deployment of the UN additional protection forces, has been a pendulum like position of to and fro policy. Strictly speaking, the UN. created this kind of stance due to their weaknesses in taking the government of south Sudan from its horn and wrestle it down. Well, the international body is in itself, a laughing stalk.

  • majority of our people gain nothing from the so-called protectionism than only dangerous,xenophobic eat and deny like a chicken’s red head Kokora/ cockerel.

  • United nations and govt are not committed for the deployment of RPF.un is given ok by govt then what is cause the of the delyment for deployment of regiona protection force?????????????

  • UN and govt are not willing for the deployment of regional protection force if they are committed then what is the cause of delyment for deployment of these force .govt has given ok for UN then what next?????????????????????

  • Evail UN what they want do ?

  • morall dinkas with their family government,they are confused.i learned that their malajusted plans against equatorians and nuers fails because of UN closer watches their horiff move.they planned to bomb masses on 24.dec 2016 UN reveiled have out.

  • Dinkas tyrannical leaders have no good reasoning from top to lower because “they lost good blood”. what contour faces are they.their reasoning is very milky,i detest people so called evil dinkas.


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