South Sudan rebels acquire new anti-aircraft missiles, warn of tsunami-like war

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Juba/Pagak, August 18, 2017 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s main armed opposition, SPLM/A-IO, under the leadership of former First Vice President Riek Machar has acquired new shoulder surface-to-air missiles capable of destroying high altitude fighter jets, a senior SPLA-IO officer said Friday.

The disclosure of the acquisition of the new missile comes barely a week after the armed opposition seized their headquarters, Pagak.

The official warned that Juba, Kampala, Cairo, Asmara, and Sudanese rebels will smell the smoke of their new advanced missiles.

South Sudanese rebels have been consistently implicating Uganda, Egypt, Eritrea, and Darfur rebels in the ongoing civil war.

The rebel military official who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) in Pagak that the new anti-aircraft missile they acquired is sophisticated enough to destroy an airplane or jet up to up to 90,000 feet.

“I can tell you that this missile is ground-breaking, its capabilities are great. This anti-jet missile can destroy aircraft or other missiles,” the officer explained.

The rebel military General who talked exclusively to the SSNA declared that SPLA-IO is now on full-pledged to depose what he labeled as “Juba’s bloody regime,” accusing Kiir’s government of choosing a destructive path over peace.

“This Juba’s bloody regime only listens to firepower and we will effectively deliver that,” he said.

“No worries, a tsunami-like war is in the making and Kiir and those who cause destruction to our country will know it,” he warned.

The armed opposition official refused to identify the name of the missile and where they bought it from, telling the SSNA reporter that “it is none of your business.”

The officer also disclosed to the South Sudan News Agency a major-check-up in the ranks and files of the SPLA-IO is already in the making. When asked to explain further, the officer simply said, “you should expect promotions, expulsions, and reassignments.”

It is not clear why some of the rebel military leaders would be expelled. However, the South Sudan News Agency was told by a SPLA-IO intelligence officer Khamis Mawwil that some armed opposition military officers were bribed and that punishment is imminent.

“All SPLA-IO military leaders are expected to fulfill their duties. Those who act in a way that benefits the enemies will be dealt with,” Khamis told the South Sudan News Agency.

A military General of the national army, the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF), at the Bilpham headquarters in Juba who demanded complete anonymity for fear of reprisal told the South Sudan News Agency that rebels recently used sophisticated weapons against government forces. He admitted that the armed opposition is now a real threat to the government. He, however, claimed that they knew who supplied the SPLA-IO with modern missiles.

“We know who gave them those dangerous weapons. Those weapons cannot be given to Riek Machar’s rebels,” he claimed.

Attempts to the office of the SPLA-IO Spokesperson Brig. General William Gatjiath Deng to confirm some of the claims in the report went unanswered.

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  • they start crying and burn any things which make noise up and down::: continue to clear all teritories include juba condemed people (hotelist food fighters) and let the threat axe ful fill their action.

  • Keep it up and build good relation with our neighbours and international freinds

  • Shave all tribes of South Sudan from the dinka dominated government of salva kiir.

  • Defence of the nation at any cost is the ultimate priority of our gallant libertion army. No weapons can match the will and the determination of our army.

  • Is good for as a opposition.
    This Aircraft missiles.Is a news for Uganda Egypt Eritrea Sudanese Darfur rebels.Now let the smoke.

  • Clear This Lucipers Of S Sudan The So Called Government.

  • Clear These Lucipers Of S Sudan Dinka Government.

  • This is rather dangerous. Nevertheless it’s interesting for the aid workers will entre into a grand-draw.

  • This is romost it is not true SSPDF is strong army whoever tried to post thie missiles it is yrur.

  • Clear Those Lucipers Of Dinka Govt.

  • michaelnyuonnyuon
    August 19, 2017 12:32 pm

    U dinka make benefit smoke from our respect Gov under Dr Risk M viva who is going to win first .
    Hi those country don’t evolved in that aircraft smoking

  • michael nyuon nyuon
    August 19, 2017 12:36 pm

    No Gov only thievery and money lover remain in juba .
    But I believed they have to smelling smoke of aircraft

  • it will be up to the government who complaints about SPLA I O movement, no way Kiir must go from South Sudan leadership,

  • That is not good stop fighting please !!!

  • It is up to the government who claimed about the SPLA IO development militarily but no way Kiir must go from the leadership of the country’,

  • We as the people of South Sudan can decided

  • I am already a loser.

  • We know for sure is playing the proxy war game in s.sudan is a big problem . unless S.sudanise people working together to bring peace, unfortunately S.sudan will remaining as a major regional proxy battle ground.. S.Sudanese people should fight to bring peace, not to bring another a man to power..

  • Zelemi Anjelous
    August 19, 2017 8:42 pm

    Kiir is good President,there are some wrong elements spoiling him.Those wrong elements are the one making people surfers in south sudan.

  • Gatluak Titit
    August 19, 2017 9:14 pm

    The ongoing South Sudan genocidal war is dangerous. The leadership of South Sudan must stop the dirty political games destroying the young nation. The aiming war to eradicate some nationalities or elbowing other political figures out from the South Sudan will never help South Sudanese government to end the unfolding crisis. Millions of people are registered as refugees while the rest are dying in a dysfunctional activities boosting by the Kiir government. Importantly, South Sudan leadership must understand that “South Sudan is bigger than self interest.

  • Kill them all robbers of South Sudan the so called government is no longer in control I love it when the IO have a new machine to take down plane start with Uganda first I will love it

  • The fake friendship between those two criminal taban &salva will totally let us down to square one unless all south sudanese reliase the bussinse of those guys
    Th policy of jce government is to lure the country resoures while the nation is at war that’s why they are interested in prolonging of indire population suffering

  • tin make alot of it

  • The so called international and regional bodies I don’t feel to mention them by the Names should not interven this time because they have been siding on favour of government with their evil & bloody businesses intention so this is our time as citizens of south Sudan to solve our own problem without out sider

  • I think it is a good move for the io to continue to change the current government forever guys

  • David KOLORINA
    August 20, 2017 2:21 pm

    If the missile is there, then I hope the Ugandan government and the regime of Musevenism shall not tolerate it.
    Please io safe the innocent citizens of south Sudan from the blood hand of SPLA rotten government. We shall not tolerate again this chronic president of Uganda to confuse south Sudanese to fight amongst themselves. Please dear Musevenism, you are not a
    white man to neo- colonise south Sudanese. Waitvand see. Your time shall come. You shall fie a a use less death just as your brother of Libiya.

  • Don’t mess with Asmara, or we will wipe out of the face of the Earth. we don’t give a dam

  • Alwayscrying when the fucken govt saw something good for Freedom Fighters why? You (Jubakillers) are the loser believe it or NOT.

  • Thanyang koang both
    August 23, 2017 6:58 am

    OK is always good we fight with them stupid dinka .


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