South Sudan accuses the United States of plot to oust Salva Kiir

Michael Makuey Lueth. Photo: File

Juba, March 22, 2018 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s government on Thursday accused the United States of trying to topple President Salva Kiir’s government by imposing sanctions against its oil firms and ministries.

South Sudanese information minister Michael Makuey Lueth who has already been sanctioned by both US and European lashed out at Washington, saying Juba is not happy about the action taken by the US administration. Makuey described the move as an attempt by Trump’s administration to destroy South Sudan.

[The United States] “is trying to destroy South Sudan’s economy and shut down the oil. It’s an attempt to oust the government because they know our only source of revenue is oil,” Makuey told the Associated Press (AP).

The accusation comes one day after the US imposed sanctions on 15 oil-related entities and ministries.

The US said the entities it placed on the sanction list fuel the war by financing militia groups to commit atrocities.

On Wednesday, the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) obtained a document which shows 15 oil-related firms. The list also revealed that South Sudan’s Petroleum and Mining ministries are on the targeted list.

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  • Moses Malok Mabeny
    March 23, 2018 9:03 am

    I wish to join this magazine as correspondant in Gok state. show me all your background and details.

  • All south Sudanese need is a permanent solution to the conflict, we know very well that the US and Britain helped the birth of our country and if peace is realised by toppling the juba regime its welcome. Let people of south Sudan get peace


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