Emmanuel Lado Kosa: a pure member of Thomas Cirillo’s NAS in the SPLM student league of Upper Nile University

NAS leader Thomas Cirillo. Photo: Reuters

By Joseph Justin Makawa

August 2, 2018 (SSNA) — As the title indicated above, the above mentioned boy is hiding himself in the shadow of SPLM in order to take over the position of Upper Nile University Student Union president so that he will enhance the political ambitions of National Salvation Front in the government higher learning institutions. Emmanuel Lado is one of the enemies of SPLM who is working day and night to destroy SPLM.

To prove this right, he was among those who participated in the last year demonstration at the University of Juba which was engineered by Paul Malong. Indeed Emmanuel Lado has succeeded in accomplishing his secret project when he sneaked himself in to the SPLM student league leadership last year. The appearance of Emmanuel Lado Kosa in the SPLM student league leadership of 2017-2018 resulted into the predominance of the opposition parties particularly the ANC in Upper Nile University and this can be noted by any reasonable student.it is through Lado’s efforts that SPLM has no cadres in Upper Nile University up to date because he has been mobilizing the SPLM members to join other political parties.

Emmanuel Lado has a vested interest in the Upper Nile University Student Union and that is why he has convinced the SPLM Student League Chairman Cde Khamis Ayul to recommend many anti SPLM members including him to the union and this was in response to the request from the various opposition parties in the university. The example is the recommendation of a famous ANC cadre Marko Madol Puot by Emmanuel Lado.

Above all, the current chairperson of SPLM student league in Upper Nile University Cde Emmanuel Khamis Ayul is collaborating with the enemies of the government of HE president Salva Kiir Mayardit at the high learning institutions.

However, as the concerned member of the SPLM ruling party it is my privilege and honor to inform the concerned offices to pay attention to the negative development created by the enemies of peace and stability of our beloved country South Sudan.it is of significant important to know that those recommended by Emmanuel Khamis Ayul and Emmanuel Lado Kosa are not members of SPLM party as those who recommended them are not the members of SPLM as well but pure and true spies of all opposition parties against SPLM.

In summary, I would like to request the SPLM national secretariat and the security political division to make a keen observation over the matter and to ensure that right cadres of SPLM who use to participate in SPLM political rallies and response in defense of SPLM from other political parties are nominated to the union in order to work for the interest of the government and SPLM as a ruling party.

CC: Chairman of SPLM

CC Deputy Chairman of SPLM                                                                                                                    CC the SPLM secretary for popular and syndicated organizations                                                            CC the acting Secretary General of SPLM                                                                                                  CC the political division

The author is a Secretary for political affairs- SPLM Student league of Upper Nile University and he is also a University student. He can be reached via email: [email protected].

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