Petition to South Sudanese Leaders

From R to L: James Wani, Kiir, and Machar. Photo. Eye Radio

July 31, 2018

Open Letter

To:          H. E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit,

Former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny

All South Sudanese Political Parties and Opposition Groups

From:  South Sudanese, South Sudanese in the Diaspora and Friends of the South Sudanese People

August 2, 2018 (SSNA) — We commend you for participating in the peace process.  We urge you to address the root causes of the fatal conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions and only to create an outcome that is more about establishing a bloated expensive government to accommodate political interests and less about establishing effective lean institutions that produce real results for the benefit all people of South Sudan.

The current crisis in South Sudan has killed, displaced and humiliated the citizens of South Sudan; and, those who have survived are held hostage unnecessarily by violence, hunger, disease, illiteracy and lack of opportunity.

Please stop the war, address the root causes of conflict, establish efficient institutions and sound policies, and prioritize the people of South Sudan first.   We demand real peace.

On behalf of all South Sudanese

A. Ting Mayai, Prof., University of Juba, South Sudan
Abass Othow Okollo, CHD,  Pochalla
Abbey Curtis, Never Again Coalition, United States
Alakai Joseph Sekwat, Chairman,  South Sudan Community in Norway
Anna Achel Ambrose
Arike Emmanuel, Facilitator, War child war Holland, Uganda
Assegid G, Ethiopia
Atem Dhieu Garang, President, South Sudanese Australian Community Association ACT Inc.
Ayei Citizen of South Sudan
Barbara Freese

Bill Andress, Trinity South Sudan Ministry, (USA)

Bill Lowrey, Peacemaker, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Blake E. Taylor, Jr.
Bobbie-frances Mcdonald, USA
Carol Smith, Elder, First Presbyterian Church, USA
Charles Geri Kwori,  Manager CB, Uganda
Christine Pagán, Photographer, USA
Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan ( CASS)
Colin Salter, Rev., WeeFour Publications, England
Cory Williams, Co-Founder, Darfur and Beyond, USA
Dan Samuel, Wau, South Sudan
Daniel Leek, Citizen, Jonglei State, South Sudan
David A. Deng, USA
David Majok, Canada
David Mayen Dengdit, Founder, The Red Flag League, USA
Deborah Nash, RN/BSN, USA
Debra Dawson, President and CEO, African Soul American Heart (ASAH),  USA
Deng Gach
Don Lester, Board Member, South Sudan Ministry, South Carolina, USA
Douglas Greig, Priest Anglican Church of Canada, Canada
Dr Minani Callixte, Health Coordinator, AAA
Dr. Alynne MacLean, President, Science with a Mission, USA
Dr. Jane Kani Edward, President, ESSCA-USA, United States of America
Dr. Remember Miamingi, South Sudan Human Rights Observatory
Dut Tong, Greater Aweil Community Association U.S. (INC)
Dvera Hadden, USA
Elias Ocitti, Dr. Alomi Medical Services, Botswana
Elisama W Daniel, FOCUS
Emmanuel Ajang Solomon, Refugee, Living in Uganda
Francis Chagai Bol, Bor Community in Canada
Haydar Adam
Helen Abyei, AFRECSS
Jabriel kuano
James Tang, Administrative Assistant for Evangelical Covenant Church and Ethiopia Mission
Jennie Chinembiri, Africa and Caribbean Secretary, Church of Scotland, Scotland
John Deng
KAY Mullins
Kuac Madit
Kun Gach, USA
Kwaje Lasu, United States of America
Kwan Malwal, former South Sudanese Community Chairmen/ Maine/USA
Laura Ashley, First Presbyterian Church, Clinton, SC, USA
Lauren Fortgang, Policy Director, Never Again Coalition, USA
Leland H. Williams, Citizen, United States of America
Linda Lester, Board Member Trinity South Sudan Ministry in SC, USA
Martha Nyanath Micahel, Executive Director at Bonglac Foundation for Research and Social Transformation (BOFRAST) in South Sudan
Mayak Deng Aruei
Michael Apollo,  private citizen of South Sudan
Michael Wal, Melbourne Australia
Mike Jwak
Mr. David Mabor Chadar
Mr. Lino duku Keribe, Civil Service,  Australia
Mr. Santino Nyama, Canada
Paul Brown, Co-moderator – Sudanese Presbyterian Fellowship of Portland Maine USA, Elder – Presbyterian Church (USA)
Paul Mator Manyok,  South  Sudan Presidential Candidate
Rebecca Tinsley, writer on the Sudans, & Founder, Waging Peace, UK
Reuben Garang, President, Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan,  Canada
Rev Ogatu Ojulu, EECMY-EGBS President
Rev Terry McMullan, Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Rev Uel Marrs, Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Global Mission Secretary
Rev. Den A Kuek
Rev. Douglas Mitchell
Rev. Dr. Austin Watson, United Methodist Church, United States of America
Rev. Dr. J. Ben Sloan, Moderator, Trinity Presbytery South Sudan Commission
Rev. E. Martin Allen, Anglican Church of Canada,  Manitoba, Canada
Rev. Gwen McAllister, Rector of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Canada
Rev. Heidi McGinness International Human Rights Activist USA
Rev. James Tang, Administrative Assistant for South Sudan and Ethiopia Mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church
Rev. John Rell
Rev. Micheal Deng De Monychol, Christian Missionaries Assembly International, Kampala
Rev. Thomas Manyol Riek, Executive Director, Peace in Action and Social Service (PASS), South Sudan
Rev. Wichieng Tang Wetnyangran
Rev. Wm. Hutton, Priest, Diocese of Rupertsland, Canada
Richard J. Jones, Board Member, American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans (AFRECS)
Richard Parkins, Executive Director, American Friends of the Episcopal Church in South Sudan, USA

Richard Sribnick, MD, Darfur Action Group of South Carolina, USA

Saiema Jasso Blanchard, Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church, United States of America
Sandra Tankard, Canada
Solomon Aluong John
South Sudan Peace Forum, Mama Mary Kamba
South Sudan Youths Vociferation
Sudan Unlimited, Esther Sprague, Founder and Director, USA
Suzanne Jambo, STEPS, Chairperson, South Sudan
T. C. Houghtaling, San Mateo PC, Florida, U.S.A.
The Rev Charles Valenti-Hein
The Rev. Canon  Robert Lobung  – South Sudanese Diaspora Network for Reconciliation and Peace (USA)
The Rev. Canon R. L. Webster, Anglican Church of Canada, Canada
The Rev’d Tim Sale, Winnipeg, Canada
The Very Rev. Paul N. Johnson, Anglican Church of Canada
Thirik Lang Mijak, Founder of the South Sudan Advocacy in Diaspora, USA.
Thomas Deng
Thomas Michael Petersen,  Member, First Presbyterian Church, Fond du Lac, WI, USA
Tito Anthony, Executive Director, Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), South Sudan
Virgil Bodeen, Member, Darfur Interfaith Network, U.S.A.
William Tuoy-Giel, Executive Director, The Nile Institute for Peace and Development, Minnesota USA
Yom Deng Bul, The Children’s Rights Activist & Executive Director of Achut Foundation (A.F), A Child Rights & Nonprofit Organization from South Sudan
Zacharia Pons Bandas, Researcher and Social Analyst, Sudan

For more information contact [email protected]

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