US ends financial assistance to South Sudan, warns of consequences

US National Security Adviser John Bolton. Photo: The National Interest/Getty Images/File

Washington, DC, December 13, 2018 (SSNA) — The United States has announced on Thursday that it is ending financial assistance to South Sudanese government, saying the young nation is being led by “corrupt leaders” who cause suffering to their people.

The announcement comes as President Trump’s administration rolls out its new African strategy to deal with what the administration described as ‘predatory behavior’.

In a statement released on Thursday and obtained by the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), the U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton makes the surprising announcement at the influential conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. Bolton told an audience that American “hard-earned” taxpayer money will not go in the pockets of “corrupt autocrats” at the expense of their people.

“…We will not provide loans or more American resources to a South Sudanese government led by the same morally bankrupt leaders, who perpetuate the horrific violence and immense human suffering in South Sudan,” Bolton says.

Bolton disclosed that the United States provides billions of dollars to South Sudan and that between 2014 and 2018 alone, Washington provided approximately $3.76 billion dollars in humanitarian aid to Juba. Bolton warned that nations that receive US aid “without effect, assistance without accountability, and relief without reform” should expect changes.

In his speech, the American National Security Advisor said the armed conflict in South Sudan killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions. He also warned that other African countries receiving US aid to enrich themselves and cause suffering to their people will meet the same fate.

Bolton also revealed that the United States will not fund United Nations peacekeepers who are poorly-equipped, provide insufficient protection to vulnerable populations, and involve in human rights violations.

Numerous US-based, international rights organizations, and arms control agencies have in the past accused the United States under Former President Barack Obama of doing nothing to end the war in South Sudan. Some groups even accused the former American leader of allowing South Sudanese government to obtain weapons and ammunition through Uganda.

In February, the United States imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan, sanctioned state-owned oil entities and individuals in March, and successfully helped pushed a UN Security Council arms ban in May.

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  • The bell has rang it time for african leaders who do depends entirely on foreign assistance and loans. now u r being denied those access what will u do ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Suction won’t resolves the problem at this moment as the country is heading towards the implementation of the signed comprehensive peace agreement, I will rather encourage the United Security Council to reverse it’s decision and help the worrying parties to set up the new transitional government to give new hope to the people to by preparing a suitable situation for the country to have a hope for the newly democratic government that will be elected by the people through free,fare and credible election to better serve its people Farley and equally in which democracy, Life of Dignity and Decency is recognize and Acknowledge at all times under the fundamental belief of Freedom, Justice, Liberty, Stability and prosperity that adheres to the aspirations of the people of South-Sudan based on the Human Rights.

  • Mark Lokiru Lotido Metamoi
    December 14, 2018 11:11 am

    Well done, action oriented USA government. Let the warlords know that “peace is not alternative of weak leadership and running corruptions”. The ordinary down trodden south sudanese are tired and feed up of wars of ethnicity and rivalry amongst corrupt dictatorial and genocidal leaders whose aims are to benefits out of sustainable wars in South Sudan. Please identify and extend more sanctions to individuals in IGAD members countries as they are potential contributors of sufferings of the people of South Sudan. Being keen, again bravo USA yours is blessings.

  • We Citizens of south Sudan, we are suffering with great starvation while we do not know what the cause is.
    Any way, Americans are right, but suppose to gave us another chance.

  • Daniel Dictor Matur
    December 17, 2018 3:32 am

    It is a right decision at the right time to end survival of corrupt individuals who are enjoying luxurious lives at the expense of major civil population of South Sudan. No change nor signs of developmental progress since the inception of government in 2011 up to now. Many loans have been given to those autocrats by World Bank and some countries for rebuilding the devastated country, but they diverted that money for their common good only. Leave us alone to suffer like before, this corruption is endless and your financial support looks like someone trying to solidify the river water with sorghum flour.

  • The givernment of the United States of the America had made ethical decision to stop financial assistance to South Sudan because the money donated by the International Community (IC) for the developing of the young nation and the South Sudanese crude oil revenue is used to fund the jihadists and the non-Islamic terrorists in Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the World to keep the dictators in power also to weaken the (NATO) and its allies.


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