South Sudan hires US lobbying firm to reestablish ties with Washington

Former US’s Ambassador to Kenya and Managing Partner of Gainful Solutions, Inc, Michael Ranneberger. Photo: Getty Images

Juba, April 28, 2019 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s government has hired a California-based lobbying firm, Gainful Solutions, Inc, to help in its quest to reestablish close ties with the United States government, a documented widely circulated on social media by South Sudanese shows.

The South Sudanese government says it hired the American lobbying and consulting firm run by former US Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger and his managing partner Soheil Nazari-Kangarlou to help repair its image with the administration of President Trump and Western companies.

“Open a channel of communication between President Kiir and President Trump with the objective of persuading President trump and his administration to expand economic and political relations with South Sudan, and supporting American private sector investment in South Sudan in oil, natural resources, energy, gas, mining, and other areas,” according to the agreement signed by South Sudan government and Gainful Solutions, Inc.

The contract, which appears to have been signed on April 18, 2019, also urges Gainful Solutions to improve bilateral relations between Washington and Juba, persuade President Trump to reverse current US sanctions on South Sudan, delay establishment of a hybrid court stipulated in the September 2018 peace deal, mobilize American companies to invest in South Sudan, and encourage Trump’s administration to open military ties between South Sudan and the United States.

Many South Sudanese claim on social media that South Sudan paid Gainful Solutions, Inc at least $3.7 million dollars for under a two-year agreement.

Ranneberger was US Ambassador to Kenya under former President George W. Bush from August 2006 but continued under former President Barack Obama until May 2011.

The text further reveals that the deal was signed with direct knowledge of President Salva Kiir.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) cannot independently verify the authenticity of the contract.

Bellow is the copy of the allged contract:

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  • I meant white Nile which if unused effectively
    April 29, 2019 11:45 pm

    Sad. We in Africa shoot ourselves and pay for a retired westerner to repair the damage. If Salvakir used the money to buy tractors and farm on the white Nile Bank it could feed permanently thusadns of malnourished South Sudanese.

  • They want AIDS again!


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