South Sudan, Uganda sign $30 million military contract

Museveni (right), Kiir (left). Photo: The Tower Post/File

Kampala, June 30, 2019 (SSNA) — The governments of South Sudan and Uganda have signed a secret 6-month military contract to allow Ugandan and South Sudanese soldiers to operate jointly in South Sudan, a former Ugandan intelligence officer says.

The former spy accuses the Ugada and South Sudan Presidents of constantly working against peace at nights and for peace during the day.

In an exclusive interview with the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) on Sunday, James Moises, the former Ugandan spy claims that a clandestine security deal was signed by the two government on June 26, 2019 in Ugandan State House. James blasted Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, saying he is “monster” who works days and nights to make sure South Sudanese President Salva Kiir keeps ruling the people of South Sudan with an iron-fist.

“Our dictator [Museveni] is a monster. This man likes the way Kiir ruins South Sudan because Salva Kiir got his dictatorial techniques from him,” James told the SSNA in Kampala on Sunday.

When asked to explain how he knows the deal was in fact signed by the two governments and the intention of the agreement, James simply said South Sudan President is working against the September 2018 peace deal.

“You know I was a spy in the Ugandan Internal Security Organisation (ISO) for nearly two decades. South Susan was one of my projects. I knew enough about Museveni and Kiir dealings. My knowledge is deep within the ISO and I have enough contacts within the agency,” the former intelligence agent explains.

“This new deal is all about allowing Ugandan troops to operate secretly alongside South Sudanese troops. This agreement is also not known to the outside world, let alone Ugandans,” James discloses.

This is not the first time James accuses Ugandan and South Sudanese governments. The ex-spy was the first foreigner who exposed Ugandan military deployment in South Sudan  2013 before the civil war broke out and was also the first to expose Museveni and Kiir military deal before the war began. James also accused the two leaders of orchestrating the war.

The SSNA understands that there are already Ugandan soldiers in Yei River State.

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  • Joshua Okello Odong
    July 1, 2019 2:32 am

    No wonder ! Despot museveni is carrying out his imperialistic daydream of ruling Afrika. Salva like is merely one of his agents

  • Nathan Mori
    July 1, 2019 4:53 am

    Ex spy who blows whistle and still leaves in Uganda should Museveni so peace return to South Sudan.

  • Matatizo wellborn Onesmas
    July 1, 2019 9:24 am

    I currently don’t see any need for addition of of group in south Sudan.
    Uganda should rather donates money for the implementation of the peace project other than harvesting money from south Sudan in the name of joint military operations
    Please refrain from those kind of deals.

  • Giei Chadhal Giei
    July 1, 2019 9:46 am

    Worst contract with uganda millitary office

  • yata Philip
    July 2, 2019 12:19 am

    we need peace not war

  • Daimaross Diing Diing
    July 2, 2019 9:28 am

    An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind

  • ibrahin abdulaiz
    July 5, 2019 1:06 am

    Museveni should know his limit, our brothers are dieing for non profitable contracts, this is the some money used for the progress of NRM, not minding for we down,


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