Three crude oil shipments went missing

Photo: Oil Now/File

Juba, July 1, 2019 (SSNA) — The committee formed to investigate former petroleum minister Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth has found that at least three crude oil consignments went missing under the former minister’s care, a source familiar with the investigations and who demanded anonymity told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) on Monday.

“The committee is getting close to end its investigations. They have already found many problems within the petroleum ministry. What I know for sure is that they found out that three oil shipments went missing when Ezekiel was still the minister,” the source explains.

The same source also discloses that three other high-ranking officials within the petroleum ministry are also accused of having a hand in the missing oil shipments.

The source, however, did not say when the consignments went missing and how many barrels are accounted for.

Ezekiel Lol was fired last month by President Salva Kiir. The President did not give any reason why he dismissed the former minister.

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  • John L. Panda
    July 1, 2019 8:06 pm

    Although the results of the investigations are yet to be released, there is already a strong indication that some elements within the petroleum ministry including the former Minister had engaged in corruption. Distance observers including myself, realized early on that the ministry of petroleum was engaging in dealings that lack scrutiny and nontransparent. I think the results from this investigation should be used a baseline and extension of similar investigations that should be conducted at all the government ministries. There is a gross mismanagement of national resources and the President ought to wake up and deal with these thieves harshly in order to minimize corruption at the government institutions.

  • I thing that is a big mistake in our country south sudan because we live in a hell of corruption . our leaders did not care about the people of south sudan just they care about them self

  • Lol Ngat kuodh
    July 8, 2019 5:26 am

    The consignment was swallowed by the corrupt.


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