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United Democratic Republic Alliance

Juba, South Sudan

Juba, July 8, 2019 (SSNA) — The leadership of the United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA), following the ill-motivated move by one of the senior members of SSOA to break up the coalition on a matter that could have been addressed within the leadership of the alliance, we are obliged to inform our public and particularly to the SIX former alliance group that UDRA has made its decision to declare allegiance to the Group of the Alliance, namely, the FDP and SSUM.

Upon careful investigation and consideration of the cause of the rift within the SSOA by the so-called Group of SIX of Dr. Lam Akol, UDRA was able to establish that a senior member of the group who is none other than the problematic Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin was behind this ill-motivated move for his continued greed to become the nominee of the group for the position of the Vice President come to the formation of the transitional R-ARCISS government.

With regard to media propaganda by the Group manipulated by Dr. Lam and his cohorts claiming that we are not recognized in SSOA, UDRA considered these allegations as baseless and unfounded, and therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to the national cause for democratic transformation through to the implementation of R-ARCISS. UDRA who signed the charter of SSOA in October 2017 remains committed to the R-ARCISS and will continue to prevail in the South Sudanese politics beyond the transitional government of the R-ARCISS to realize its vision of peaceful and prosperous South Sudan.

The argument being floated around by the so-called the group SIX in SSOA that certain political parties could not be recognized because at one point their defunct leaders declined to sign the R-ARCISS is a non-starter and cheap propaganda. For example, the NAS of Thomas Cirilo, PDM of Dr. Hakim were later represented by other senior members of the organizations like Gen. Kalid, Josephine and Hon. Dei These three organizations were with Hon. Gabriel Changson Nonetheless, these ten political organizations/groups were signatories to the first Charter of SSOA, FDP, NAS, NDM, PDM, FDs, SSNMC, SSPM, SSLM, SSUM and UDRA were the signatories to the SSOA Charter.

Finally, it is important to remind the public that UDRA is cognizant of the fact that all the political parties/groups regardless of their organizational differences are equal before the IGAD and international partners to ensure smooth implementation of the R-ARCISS. UDRA in no uncertain terms condemned any attempt by any one group to mistakenly assume privilege whatsoever over the other.

Hon. Dei Tut Weang Khor, Chairman of United Democratic Republic Alliance

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