South Sudan borrows $600 million from China

Photo: Reuters

Juba, September 16, 2016 (SSNA) — The government of South Sudan announces that it has borrowed $600 million dollars from the Chinese government, saying the money will be used to pay all South Sudanese civil servants for six months.

The announcement comes just after information minister Micheal Makuey Lueth told reporters that South Sudan’s government has borrowed money from a foreign country he did not mention.

South Sudan has a history of not paying civil servants including the military.

In June this year, some members of parliament told the finance minister that they would boycott 2019-2020 budget unless all civil servants and army are paid.

China is the main investor in South Sudan oil sector.

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  • just like in Kenya, the money borrowed will simply end in the pockets of a few. The many i see leaving comfortably here in Kenya attests to my observation! I am sure they wish there situation remains the same forever so that they continue leaving in opulence. Its unfortunate an ‘mwafrika ni nywele ngumu tu throughout” whatever the civilized world wants of them. Look at the once developed Zimbabwe; Now S/Africa is going the same way. I fear for Kenya also (if loans can be obtained for ‘development but ends up in a certain individuals pockets’ in the name of developing his area and then he complains he has been targeted. No wonder he wanted his men in key departments!


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