Leaders of Nuer Community in Victoria warn against social media abuse and bullying

Leaders of the Greater Nuer Community in Victoria, Australia. Photo: SSNA/File

Nuer Community in Victoria

Sub-Community leaders

13th of March 2021

Re: Warning letter to the general public of the Nuer community about social media abuse and bullying

Dear beloved members,

Victoria, Australia, March 13, 2021 (SSNA) — On behalf of the Nuer community in Victoria and its sub-communities leaders we wish our community members all the best as we began transitioning from COVID-19 -19 restrictions to the normal way of living.

This document had been prepared by the Nuer community and sub-communities leaders as the first and last warning to the public against social media abuse or bullying. The Nuer community leadership in Victoria is aware of the abuses, negative activities, and inhuman behavior that are circulating on social media platforms. Therefore, the leadership is taking a stand against this public humiliation and characteristics defamation.

As leaders of the Nuer community, we expect all members to uphold a high standard of behavior that is consistent with our norms, values, and culture. All members should always play positive role models for our community by treating others with courtesy and respect. Nuer community leadership in Victoria will not tolerate any abuse or harassment, whether physical or verbal. We will not tolerate any discrimination based on religion, gender, and family status, etc. The Nuer community will treat all members equally and work to uphold the dignity of all.

Therefore, we advise all our respective members not to post any abuse or bullying on social media. Never involve in any activity that makes threats to any member or spread false rumors or allegations toward another member. It is entirely our responsibility to make our community safe by disengaging from any activities that are not supported by our constitution. Let us always devote our time to do the right thing, to respect the law and the constitutional guidelines. The Nuer community leaders have the right to provide all mandatory reports to Victoria police while we continue to strongly courage all our members to distance themselves from any form of social media violence.

The Nuer community will take severe action against anyone who will be found to continue practicing the following activities:

  • Posting physical bullying or abuse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Facebook live and Zoom insults.
  • Posting negative comments towards another member.
  • Posting threats via text messages, messenger, WhatsApp, and emails.

The Nuer community leadership will report any suspected social media abuse to appropriate authorities such as the Victoria Police. The full name of the person including his or her address and phone number will be provided to the Victoria Police for further investigation. The person will be prohibited from all public gatherings and any other activities related to the Nuer Community. In addition, all summary links, messages on Facebook or YouTube will be forwarded to Victoria Police. However, this is a broad warning letter to all public of the Nuer Community members. As leaders of the community, we would not permit any inhuman behavior to defile our great community under any circumstances. The Nuer community in Victoria is urging all Nuer Communities around the globe to adopt the same policies, rules, and regulations.


Sign by:

Ter Yual Yoa, President of Nuer Community in Victoria

John Nyang Malol, Chairperson of Lich Community Association in Victoria

Lew Lual Deng, Chairperson of Eastern Jikany Community Association in Victoria

Jal Jock Ber, Chairperson of Phow Community Association in Victoria

Simon Yuer DangChairperson of Lou Community Association in Victoria


Victoria Government

Victoria Police

Nuer Community Churches

NCV File

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