Influential Gawaar elder Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen has died

Late Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen. Photo: SSNA

Press statement

Today Thursday, June 30, 2022

Death Announcement

July 3, 2022 (SSNA) — We are extremely saddened with our hearts broken to inform all the families, relatives, friends, and community members that death has indeed robbed us BELOVED Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen, superhero and admirable soul passed away peacefully, Sunday, June 19, 2022, on Khartoum, Sudan at age of 100-year-old. We held the funeral service, Thursday, June 30, 2022, at Ghap, Paguong location, in Ayod County, Jonglei State, South Sudan. It was followed by a reception burial on the site nearby and prayer services scheduled for Sunday, July 3rd in his memories all organized by the family.

The giant of age has gone to be with the Saints in Heavenly home! Guandit (Oldman) had long-well-lived an extraordinary life guided by strong principles; embodies the values and spirit of giving. For decades he led by examples for being unbreakable super glued and the cornerstone of unity that always bound family together as one in the spirit of our better angels believing that “To whom much is given, much will be required,” (Luke 12:48).

For the betterment of Tut, Kuanyang, the Jock family at large, the community, and the birth of the country South Sudan, Guandit was blessed with resources of lifetime contributions that were second to none, which made him in his generation an unmatchable generous giver and a great role model for us all. In his Lifelong journey (Borjiook Bull-colored), proudly continued building in the past such a great legacy of a man with a heart of gold he was. Every day, he never waiver to stand tall on the side of truth, whenever and wherever. Every year he never holds on to the wrongful grudges of the past. Every decade LOVING Dad’s continued to delight the world around him with endless compassion, true kindness, and unyielding grace above all else.

Therefore, we hope and believed deeply that you will remember dad’s unconditional love that you bestowed upon us if the sky powers can allow us to extend one more time your dearest life on this planet Earth we can in the blink of an eye because your sweet-soul symbolizes the qualities of a good family man.

To the family, relatives, friends, community members, country, and the world, dad’s flesh and bones left Khartoum Sudan on June 27th to Juba and arrived June 30th in Ayod County, buried in Ghap, Paguong today 6/30/2022. Please know that we are so grateful for your heartfelt support thoughts and prayers will never be forgotten to help honor the family hero that lived by the values of honesty and integrity.

Thank you dad for being lovable down to earth perfect idol parents together with mom. Forevermore, we missed you and we will always LOVE YOU, Rest in Peace, therein eternal life, Borjiok!! “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away.”

Signed by Family

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