SSIAHR urges AU, IGAD to pressure Sourh Sudan peace partners

IGAD leaders at a past event. Photo: IGAD/FANABC/File

Press release

August 6, 2022 (SSNA) — South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights would like to urge African Union, IGAD and International community to denounce and to do more pressure on the South Sudan government for their new extension for 24th month of Revitalization peace agreement that was signed Sept 12, 2018. SSIAHR believes this delay tactic lacks a political will to implement the peace agreement and is more dangerous for displaced citizens inside the country as well as the refugeed in all Neighboring countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Ethiopia and Sudan.

South Sudanese cannot wait anymore for another 2 years of suffering while Salva Kiir and other political groups enjoy South Sudanese Oil money in hotels and oversea traveling President Salva Kiir said, in his televised speech that this revitalized peace agreement was not meant to be implemented and this is what he is exactly doing now.

It is shameful for a country like South Sudan which has population of 13-15 million people will want to continue extending peace implementation for another 24th months while maintaining presidentsesident and more than 500 MPs.

SSIAHR will recommend South Sudan should not demand financial support for international community immunity while willfully and intentionally violating important provisions in the peace agreement.

Yours Truly,

Peter Gatkuoth W Kuel
Human Rights activists
President – South Sudan International Advocacy

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