South Sudan MPs Condemn Fighting in Upper Nile State ‘s Longechuk County

South Sudan Parliament building. Photo: Isaac Billy

Press statement

Date June 29, 2023

Subject: Condemnation of the Fighting that erupted in Longechuk County, Upper Nile State on June 24, 2023

Juba, June 30, 2023 (SSNA) — We, the members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly representing Longechuk County are here to condemn the fighting mentioned above in the strong term possible. The fighting took place on June 24, 2023, after Major General Pal Gatkuoth and Cde. John Minyany Lual, the Chairperson of the SPLM party in Longechuk County, left Mathiang on June 23, 2023, for whatever reasons known to them, and that incident has claimed the lives of innocent citizens and wounded many others who don’t deserve to die while the country is at peace.

Therefore, as representatives of Longechuk County, we are bitterly disturbed by what had happened which displaced the citizens from their homes for the fear of their lives. As we know that fighting always has negative consequences, so the following problems may happen if this senseless fighting continues.

  1. We are not happy with anything that causes bloodshed in Longechuk County regardless of what the cause is.
  2. The civil population will be displaced while they are now cultivating their farms as it already happened.
  3. That insecurity can affect developmental projects such as road construction, which the National Government offered to benefit the citizens living along the road that links Pagak and Paloch.
  4. The insecurity disrupted the peace mission that was initiated by the members of the SPLM party mobilization team who were also welcomed by the Comn1issioner and members of SPLM-1O who agreed to give a political space for all political parties.
  5. The insecurity may affect the mobility of the citizens between Longechuk and Maiwut Counties.

Recommendations are as follows:

  1. We call upon all political post holders, active and former respectively regardless of party affiliation, elders, faith-based groups, youth, and women groups to come together and discuss the matter that is affecting our County.
  2. We urge the leadership of Maiwut County to intervene and resolve this matter together to restore peace in greater Maiwut.
  3. We appeal to National and International organizations for humanitarian assistance for those who are affected by the senseless fighting in the county.

Signed by:

Hon. Mat Ruon Wur, MP, TNLA

Hon. John Mayual Nguot, MP, TNLA

Hon. Thokhat Khor Wiu, MP, TNLA

Hon. Martha Nyanuer Martin, MP, TNLA in absentia         ………………………………………….

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