Remembering the Special Life of Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen

Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen. Photo: Family of Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen

Monday, June 19, 2023

June 19, 2023 (SSNA) — It has been 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months, to mark 1 year of your passing from this world to the next to be with the Saints in Heavenly HOME. The whole year without you here with us our wonderful father to all, the Loving Grandpa to grandchildren, the good friend to the community, the providers to the nation, the Lives saving to strangers, and the great equalizer to all, Beloved, Chuol Tut Kuanyang Jock Meen, (BuorJiok), you are forever irreplaceable in our hearts.

On June 19, 2022, you courageously spoke your last words to the family members around you that you will be leaving now the world you have lived well for a good one century 100 years on Earth. We are so grateful to the Creator for blessing you with such a fruitful high-ground long life that was guided by your moral compass. After one year today June 19, 2023, far and near we remember many great memories you shared with us with joyfulness. We understand that all lives here on Earth at some point ended as it was so for generations gone, before you.

Through it all you were down to earth, a great person for many people that seek your overflowing wisdom. We are proud of your life which was a source of comfort and hope for unmatchable helpful hands to all ages. Your good DEEDS are unforgettable and will always continue as an inspiration to the next generations.

An honest man here lies at a resting place in the ancestral land at the age of 100. You well lived a wonderful life you deserved with the family members you unconditionally love. Today we are remembering you with great appreciation for your admirable spirit.

We all dearly miss you for being the perfect idol dad and merciful grandpa. We Love you and rest in peace, BuorJiok your legacy lives on!!!

Also, read our 2022 press statement.

Written and signed by Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen’s family

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