South Sudan troops launched fresh attacks on SPLA-IO positions

Government soldiers… Photo: Reuters/File

Juba, March 31, 2018 (SSNA) — South Sudanese government troops have launched surprise attacks on Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO) outposts in Upper Nile and Equatoria regions, SPLA-IO deputy spokesman said in a statement.

The alleged assaults come as the two warring factions prepare for the resumption of the revitalizing of the 2015 August compromise peace agreement.

In the text, rebels stated that Juba-backed forces on Saturday morning left their position in Wechyaradiw and attacked SPLA-IO troops stationed in Ketbek and Padanyang.

“This morning, the 31/03/2018 at around 9:16 AM, the regime’s forces left their position in Wechyaradiw and attacked the SPLA IO controlled areas of Ketbek and Padanyang; However, the SPLA IO gallant forces repulsed the attackers and pursued them to where they came from,” SPLA-IO’s deputy spokesman, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel said.

The SPLA-IO asserted its “mighty forces” delivered a humiliating defeat to government soldiers, adding, “After being defeated, the regime’s forces resorted to randomly shelling towards the civilian residents causing more civilian’s displacement.”

Col. Lam alleged that government soldiers also attacked their position in Central Equatoria’s Mangaalatore on March 30 and that the armed opposition was able to cut off and repulsed the attackers inflicting heavy casualties on them.

In the document, the SPLA-IO explained that government forces used four Anti-personal carriers (APCs) to attack the armed opposition and that the armed opposition was surprised when they learned that Juba’s soldiers looted civilian properties along South Sudan-Uganda border after they were defeated by their troops.

Col. Lam Says Juba is not interested in peace and calls on CTSAMM and UNMISS to investigate ceasefire violations committed by Juba in SPLA-IO controlled areas.

The rebels further claimed that Juba is trying to involve Uganda in the war by looting civilian properties along the two nations border and then claims its criminal acts were committed by the armed opposition.

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