NAS slams Jubek state elders over peace implementation

NAS leader Thomas Cirillo Swaka. photo: File

Juba, February 7, 2019 (SSNA) — The National Salvation Front (NAS) says recent attempts by President Salva Kiir, requesting the NAS leader Thomas Cirillo to join the implementation of peace through Jubek elders is not acceptable.

The announcement comes days after Kiir asked the state elders help convince Thomas Cirillo to b part of the agreement.

In a strongly-worded statement extended to the South Sudan News agency (SSNA), the NAS lashes out at the government and the elders for what the group described as “nonsensical talks” arranged by people who don’t know what they are talking about.

“We refused to back up this peace for reasons known to the NAS and we have already expressed our concerns about this deal. We are not ready for nonsensical talks as requested by Jubek elders,” the text reads in part.

“The people of South Sudan want real peace, not this peace which simply promotes the same dictatorial tendencies we have been fighting against,” NAS says.

The National Salvation Front asserts that the September 2018 pact failed to address the roots cause of the civil war, describing the deal as “recipe for more conflicts.”

Many analysts question the viability of the deal, saying the agreement is likely to either maintain the same repressive political system the armed groups have been fighting against or meets the same fate of the 2015 power-sharing deal.

Last month, both the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM-IO) urged the NAS to join the peace implementation process and threatened to use military action if it refuses. The NAS responded to threat, labeling it as “nonsense.”

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  • What should NAS do with Jubek request of cattle in the city and abduction of kids and land grubbing NAS demand is national and there is clear vision for changes of the south sudan leadership and bring the country under role of law not, for my respect to Jubek elders don’t surrounder your wrights for daily bread man called Kiir never change but you should support your son Thomes to get solutions for your demand not through Kiir.
    Sabah Sebit

  • The elderly people should no just call him to come they should first understand why Cirillo refuses to back the peace but let us respect our corrupt elders in our country and call them nonsense ‘, the dictatorship is not far from such people.

    A well respected democratic leader is always humble and always deal with people with humility.
    To despise those elders as nonsense really shows who NAS as a group is.
    We wish NAS good luck

  • The elder of jubek most think careful why NAS leader repuse to sigh the peace


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