Ex-spy accuses Uganda of working to further destabilize South Sudan political system

Museveni (center-left), Kiir (right). Photo: ChimReports/File

Kampala, February 8, 2019 (SSNA) — The South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni are prepared to implement the peace then dismantle any formidable opposition to Kiir, a former Ugandan spy James Moises told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) in Kampala on Friday.

James, who worked for Uganda’s External Security Organisation (ESO), claims that the Ugandan and South Sudanese leaders have directed hand-picked intelligence operatives to design a way to eliminate any South Sudanese opposition figure Kiir deemed as a threat to his rule, labeling the project as “evil.” The ex-intelligence officer explains that a plan to silence only influential South Sudanese political figures has already been designed and that detainment and killing were the best options chosen by a 30-member secret program.

“That evil team consists of 30 Ugandans and South Sudanese. There are 15 South Sudanese national security officers and 15 Uganda’s ESO officers. These people are operating here in Kampala. They are actually given an office located in the eastern part of the Uganda State House,” James explains.

“Kiir and Museveni want all South Sudan’s opposition leaders to agree to this peace, come to Juba, and then create issues that will cause some of them to clash with Kiir. When this happens, Kiir and Museveni will then direct South Sudan national security’s interior department to impose a house arrest on the individuals targeted,” he continues, adding, “From there Kiir and Museveni will then assess public reaction and see if the person or people arrested pose a threat.”

The former Ugandan spy also claims that Salva Kiir’s leadership, which he described as a “Ugandan-borrowed dictatorship,” will never be reformed.

“The deal that was signed to end South Sudan war was orchestrated here in Kampala but was signed in Khartoum. Uganda already has troops in the Equatoria region and IGAD and other international peace partners are saying nothing. This peace is just a way to give jobs to those who oppose to Kiir’s rule, there will not be political reform,” James asserts.

James Moises, the self-described enemy of Yoweri Museveni, further states that all South Sudanese opposition leaders who are parties to the September 2018 agreement “need to open their minds and eyes.” James also accuses Museveni of preferring economic interests over the death of innocent South Sudanese.

The former spy has been credited for exposing secret deals between Uganda and South Sudan’s government. He was the first foreign national who in July 2013 to leaked out a plan between Kiir and Museveni to stage a fake coup so that Kiir could run the country without strong opposition. James also leaked numerous secrets between Kampala and Juba including training of South Sudan snippers in Uganda, claiming that the snippers were trained to wage a war against any rebel group in Juba in case the July 2016 fight repeats itself.

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  • If like that, then why and when will it end?

  • Museveni is the one destabilizing the region his intention is to get attention ftom the west so he accumulates momey from west through wars he thinks is wise he has really abused ugandans taking uganda as his business entity in this world everything comes to an end its only almighty god who will remove that man god knows how when anr where

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